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Novell Storage Manager 3.1 Update

Storage Manager v3.1

Integration with File Reporter 2.0, plus new capabilities and enhancements for managing, monitoring, and migrating

With Novell Storage Manager 3.1, we’ve enabled integration with Novell File Reporter 2.0, enabled mobile management through a new mobile application, and introduce a new Network Operations Center Dashboard. For Novell Storage Manager 3.1 for Active Directory, we’ve introduced new utilities for performing a Cross-Empire Data Migration.

Integration with Novell File Reporter 2.0
Novell File Reporter 2.0 can report on the files and folders of the target paths of Novell Storage Manager 3.1 policies.

Mobile Management
You can now perform many management tasks by using a hand-held device running the iO6 or Android operating systems.

Network Operations Center Dashboard
The Network Operations Center Dashboard monitors and displays Novell Storage Manager activity. Its multiple monitoring regions help you track Novell Storage Manager activity, performance, and potential problems.

New Management Capabilities
These include structure and categorization options for target paths, placing comments on deferred pending events, viewing Active Directory administrative and hidden shares, and more.

Cross-Empire Data Migration Utilities
For file to file migrations, Novell Storage Manager now lets you identify and move all files that are new or have been modified after a given date. Additionally, you can verify that all of the files you wanted to migrate from a source server have been migrated. You use four new utilities to perform these tasks:

  • novscan.nlm: A NetWare NLM that scans the contents of the target server and determines which files have been modified or created since you performed a preliminary file to file migration.
  • novscan.nlm: This Windows executable configures what file system data you want identified from the NetWare or Novell Open Enterprise Server source
  • WinScan.exe: This Windows executable lists the contents of the file system on the target Microsoft server following a file to file migration.
  • ScanCompare.exe: This Windows executable compares the files on the NetWare or Open Enterprise Server source server and the Microsoft Server target server.
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