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Will I be able to manage storage hosted on NetWare servers?

Yes. Novell Storage Manager no longer includes Novell Storage Manager agents for Novell NetWare®, but you can manage NetWare servers through proxy agents.

For Novell Storage Manager for Active Directory, is it always necessary to extend the Active Directory schema?

Extending the Active Directory schema is only necessary if you are going to manage collaborative storage or auxiliary storage.

Novell Storage Manager 4.0 for Active Directory utilizes Microsoft SQL Server as the database rather than SQLite—the database in previous versions of Novell Storage Manager. If I migrate to Version 4.0, can I keep all of my policies?

Yes. Novell Storage Manager 4.0 comes with a migration utility for migrating the database. Furthermore, there are easy procedures for doing so documented in the Novell Storage Manager 4.0 for Active Directory Installation Guide.

Where can I get product update news?

The NSMAdmin administrative tool includes an HTML page that displays the latest product news, including product update announcements. In NSMAdmin, from the Main tab, click Start Page and view news postings in the News pane. You can also get expanded news about Novell Storage Manager by visiting www.storagemanagersupport.com.

Does Novell maintain a product support forum for Novell Storage Manager?

Yes. You can find it at https://forums.novell.com/forumdisplay. The site also has links to technical information documents (TIDs) and patches.

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