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Configuration + Asset + Application Virtualization + Patch + Endpoint Security + Full Disk Encryption
Everything you need to efficiently balance security and productivity across your entire enterprise.

ZENworks Application Virtualization
ZENworks Application Virtualization

A tool to rapidly virtualize your Windows application portfolio, that lets you:

  • Create agent-free/server-free stand-alone application executables
  • Make applications accessible over the web with predictive streaming
  • Allow applications to run from USB storage devices
  • Build virtual applications with a few mouse clicks using harvesting—an industry first


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ZENworks Asset Management
ZENworks Asset Management

A powerful tool for tracking software and hardware usage that lets you:

  • Automate asset inventorying
  • Track software usage, including license reconciliation
  • Report compliance
  • Integrate contract management


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ZENworks Configuration Management
ZENworks Configuration Management

A complete configuration management solution that allows you to:

  • Automate device discovery & agent deployment
  • Manage by policies assigned to user identity and device location
  • Automate software packaging and deployment
  • Control devices remotely


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ZENworks Endpoint Security Management
ZENworks Endpoint Security Management

A complete security solution that secures your workforce without compromising on productivity, allowing you to:

  • Dynamically adjust security posture based upon user profile and location
  • Take complete control of ports and devices
  • Enforce VPN and Wi-Fi encryption
  • Encrypt files and folders


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ZENworks Full Disk Encryption
ZENworks Full Disk Encryption

Bullet-proof encryption security for all the sensitive data on your endpoints that gives you:

  • Support for both software-based and hardware-based encryption
  • The ability to encrypt your entire fleet with a few mouse clicks
  • Unparalleled manageability, from password recovery to remote device management


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ZENworks Patch Management
ZENworks Patch Management*

A tool that ensures your applications are proactively patched and secured, including:

  • Automated patching including proactive assessment
  • Vulnerability announcements
  • Complete compliance reports and more

* Available as a subscription option.

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View Introduction to ZENworks Introduction to ZENworks 11 SP2
Eric Varness announces the new Novell ZENworks 11 SP2 Eric Varness announces the new Novell ZENworks 11 SP2 (3:10)

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