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Are you looking for Micro Focus® Vibe Cloud?

We've made a few changes you should be aware of. We are consolidating our two Vibe products into one platform that combines the most popular features from Vibe Cloud with the rich team-collaboration capabilities from Vibe. The product is now simply called Vibe.

If you liked Vibe Cloud for its ability to help you work with people on specific projects and get live updates, take a look at Vibe today. With similar features such as group folders, the "What's New" activity stream, blogs and wikis, it's easy to stay connected with colleagues and work together better and faster. Other features, such as real-time co-editing and social messaging, will be added to the product in coming releases.

Vibe requires license purchase and on-premises deployment. We are offering 10-free user licenses to get you started.

Visit the Vibe website now.