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Micro Focus Vibe Software Features

Secure on and off-line workspaces that empower users to easily build teams, interact, manage Office docs and sync files—all in one place.

Digital Workspaces

Intranet Software

Keeping your employees informed through an Intranet is one of the first steps to business success. Augment or replace existing internal web sites with a social and collaborative Intranet that improves users' awareness and contribution with the latest in Web 2.0 technologies.

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Team Workspaces

Team workspaces let you create digital offices where local and global team members can gather online to coordinate their efforts and bring together the right information, resources and skill sets for a project, purpose or topic of interest. They can take advantage of all the collaboration and productivity tools inherent to Vibe.

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Personal Workspaces

Personal workspaces let you create your own personal online work environment. Similar to team workspaces, but customized to your own needs, personal workspaces give you control over whether any of the elements in your workspace are private or available for public viewing.

Landing Pages

It's self-service simple to create custom web landing pages in Vibe as the front door into team, project or organizational work areas. Landing pages can be set to surface the content or activities that are happening in the underlying workspace automatically so users can easily consume the information you want them to have.

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Workspace Branding

You can customize your workspaces to include graphics and text elements that communicate your team or organizational “brand” to others.

Personalized Productivity

Team and Workforce Productivity

Vibe allows you to easily work with mixed teams and include outside workers in those teams. Because guest and external users are free to add to Vibe, you can include contractors, temporary workers and others outside your organization in any of your teams at any time.

Quickly staff up with temporary employees, work collaboratively with other organizations, or give guest access to visiting or specialty workers by simply adding them in the Vibe system. Vibe sends them an email, they join, and you can get started working together.

Relevance Dashboard

Consolidates into one view the most important and relevant information you need. It makes it easy to track your teams and projects. It immediately lets you know what's new, summarizes your tasks and calendar, and lets you stay informed about everything of interest that is going on in your organization and teams.

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What's Hot

The relevance dashboard's What's Hot area shows you the most popular blogs, discussions, documents, workspaces, or content in your teams or organization.


You can maintain a personal calendar in your personal workspace, as well as other calendars in your team workspaces that track events specific to your teams. The relevance dashboard lets you see at a glance the events happening in the different calendars that you track.

Task Management

Task folders let you keep track of your progress on work assignments. You can maintain task folders in your personal workspace for yourself and in your team workspaces that track tasks specific to your teams. The relevance dashboard makes it easy to see the status and due date of all your assigned tasks.

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Mobile Interface

Tailored to the needs of mobile users, the mobile interface in Vibe presents a lightweight, secure and easy to use view of your Vibe environment. It includes a starting home page with quick links to your workspaces, favorites, micro-blog, teams and What's New.

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Social Tools

What's New Activity Stream

With the What's New activity stream, you get a quick view of what's going on in your teams, and can tap into good ideas by following others and topics that matter to your work.

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Wikis and Threaded Discussions

Wikis and threaded discussions can help your teams collect, refine and aggregate relevant ideas and knowledge that are critical to project and business success.


Blogs let you and other team members easily communicate and share ideas.


Micro-blogs let you post quick updates so your team or personal followers can keep track of your activities or status. You can also follow and view other people's micro-blogs to stay current on what they have been working on.

Survey Folders

Surveys let you tap into the opinions and collective wisdom of others on your teams or in your organization.


You can track in real-time the activities that occur in your Vibe environment by using Vibe feeds. You can also view your Vibe feeds from within the GroupWise® Home View.

Track People and Workspaces

You can follow the activity of specific workspaces or people with the tracking capabilities in Vibe. For example, you can track team-members or thought-leaders in your organizations. It lets you know every time they make a blog, post a document, or plan a meeting.

Social Search

The social search capabilities in Vibe let you zero in on relevant information. Social search results present not only the information searched on, but reveal within a social context all the places and people in the enterprise connected to that information.

Corporate Instant Messaging

Take advantage of the efficiencies of instant messaging with built in security, manageability and business-class functionality. With GroupWise Messenger, your organization will have secure, real-time communications among employees that protects sensitive information, and business-class functionality designed for the enterprise environment. Best of all: Messenger, which is based on NetIQ eDirectory™ and is LDAP-enabled, ships with GroupWise and Vibe at no extra cost.

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Content Management

Detailed Entry History

Users can see and compare entry meta-data and promote any version of an entry to a current version.

Greater Team Productivity & Project Collaboration

Vibe gives you a simple and powerful way to bring together the people, information and resources your teams need.

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Workflow Features Save Time, Eliminate Errors and Improve Efficiency

The built-in workflow capabilities in Vibe let you automate, streamline and enhance processes to save time, eliminate errors and improve overall efficiency.

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Folders make it easy to store and manage all of your content. They can contain documents, files, wikis, discussions, calendars, tasks, milestones, blogs, surveys, photos, and other content. You can also create accessory folders that can display data from external sources, such as e-mail, databases, and productivity applications.

Content Indexing

Vibe indexes all content in a single, easy-to-use search index, making it easy to find the relevant knowledge and resources that team members need to be highly efficient and productive.

Content Tagging

With the ability to tag data as it's created, your team members can easily, quickly and dynamically “resurface” relevant, information and ideas as needed.

Retain User, Team, and Organizational Knowledge

Vibe makes it easy to find the relevant knowledge and resources that team members need to be highly efficient and productive.

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Automated Content Workflow

The custom forms and workflow capabilities in Vibe let you add formal structure and automated processes to the management of all your content, including the ability to manage content posted in wikis, discussion forums and landing pages.

Identity and Access Controls

Built-in identity and security controls allow you to confidently share your valuable legacy of insights and knowledge with authorized team members.

Guest Users

You can make areas on your Vibe workspace accessible to designated "guest users." This can be helpful in organizations like government and educational institutions that have Vibe sites for their employees, but also want to make certain information available to the public—such as citizens or the general student body.

Better Document Lifecycle Control

Vibe gives you greater control of your documents' lifecycle by providing a central workspace for document sharing, collaborating, reviewing and revising.

Document Commenting

You can easily comment on documents so others can quickly see the comment without having to search for it embedded deep within the document.

Automatic Notification

You and your team members can be automatically notified every time a user posts or updates a file in the team workspace.


Check-in and check-out capabilities lock down documents while you or other team members work on them offline.

Document Indexing

Vibe indexes all stored documents in a single, easy to use search index, eliminating wasted time hunting for the right file.

Major/Minor Versions

Documents that are uploaded into Vibe now have major and minor versions. That way users always have a master version, but they can also go back to review former versions—and even promote an older version to the latest version.

Security (Access Controls)

Users and organizations can rest assured that their content is completely secure. They can set access rights for individuals or groups with just a few clicks. This means that if someone searches for a document, but doesn't have rights to view it, it won't appear in their search results.

Process Automation

Built-in Workflows

Built-in workflow capabilities help you automate, streamline and enhance processes to save time, eliminate errors and improve overall efficiency of your teams and users.

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Easy to Build Custom Workflows

Unlike using other collaboration solutions that offer workflow, you don’t have to be a programmer or developer to deploy the workflow capabilities in Vibe. Its View and Form Designer makes it easy for you to create and customize workflows to meet your unique needs, from basic workflows to extremely complex business processes.

Workflow Library

Even though Vibe makes it easy to build and customize powerful workflows, we provide a growing library of downloadable workflows and entry forms so your workflow creation doesn't have to start from scratch.

Workflow Extensibility and Integration

You can extend your workflows to perform pre-defined actions such as communicate, launch, pass data, or receive data from other workflows or third-party applications.

Workflow Dashboard

You and your teams can monitor and manage your workflows through custom workflow dashboards. Dashboards give authorized team members or managers a summary view of workflow status. For example, they can let helpdesk managers see at a glance how many trouble tickets are in the queue, waiting to be assigned or have already been resolved.

Customized Email Notifications

In Vibe 4.0.1, you can customize email notifications

Improved Administration of User Visibility

Now it is possible to easily administer user visibility via groups

Two-factor Authentication with KeyShield

Improve security by using two-factor authentication through KeyShield, a popular SSO provider.

Improved External User Provisioning

In Vibe 4.0.1, you can provision external users from an LDAP source in the exact same way as you provision internal users

MariaDB with SLES 12 Support

Use the popular open-source database MariaDB running on SUSE Enterprise Linux Server 12 as the database server

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