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Corporate Instant Messaging

Let employees chat in real-time without leaking company secrets

Instant messaging is a way of life in today's world, and a large percentage of your employees are probably using it in the workplace. But all of those chat windows on all of those desktops constitute an unfiltered hole from the internet into your business. Your employees may be inadvertently jeopardizing your business by using free IM products to work together. These public instant messaging tools are increasingly being targeted by developers of malware and viruses, since they effectively bypass all of your security safeguards. Phishing attacks, worms, files and links can be served up easily to your unsuspecting workforce.

Secure corporate instant messaging

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GroupWise Messenger is a cross-platform, corporate instant messaging product that takes all of the risk out of using IM in the workplace.

Features include:

  • Sending instant messages in a secure environment (user authentication through Micro Focus eDirectory™ and SSL encryption of messages)
  • Creating a contact list and displaying user information from the contact list (based on user information already available in Micro Focus eDirectory)
  • Multi-platform support
  • On-premise delivery
  • Displaying user presence (online, busy, away, idle, and so on) within GroupWise® and Vibe
  • Blocking others from seeing your presence
  • Creating custom statuses to define your presence
  • Participating in multi-user conversations
  • Saving personal conversations
  • Creating and searching a corporate-level conversation archive
  • Broadcasts
  • Personal history
  • Chat rooms


With this full-featured corporate instant messaging tool, you can give your employees a safe, secure way to ask quick questions, share links, huddle for a joint decision, trade ideas, and brainstorm. Productivity is enhanced, and all your secrets are safe.

Take advantage of the efficiencies of corporate instant messaging with built-in security, manageability and business-class functionality. With Messenger, your organization will have secure, real-time communications among employees that protects sensitive information, and business-class functionality designed for the enterprise environment. Best of all: Messenger, which is based on Micro Focus eDirectory and is LDAP-enabled, ships with GroupWise and Vibe at no extra cost.

  • How to use Messenger Check out the Messenger User Guide to learn how to use this corporate instant messaging product to chat safely with co-workers. Read the User Guide
  • Augment or replace existing intranet systems Since Vibe can easily create, manage, and publish contextual information, you can use it to augment, or even replace, your internal web sites and web portals.Learn more

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