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Vibe vs. Competitors

Take a look at how Vibe squares off against the competition.




Document Collaboration Yes Yes
Team Management Yes Partially Supported
Expert Identification (Team Search) Yes Yes
User List Yes Yes
Wikis Yes Yes
Blogs Yes Yes
Threaded Discussions Yes Yes
Ad Hoc Collaboration Yes Partially Supported
RSS Feed Yes Yes
Team Calendar Yes Yes
Document Management Yes Yes
Document Versioning Yes Yes
Document Preview Yes Yes
Workflows Yes Partially Supported
Landing Page Yes Yes
Customizable Workspaces Yes Yes
User Based Access Controls Yes Partially Supported
Scalability Yes Yes
Web Dav Interactions Yes Yes
Branded Workspaces Yes Yes
Activity Log Yes Yes
Mobile Device Support Yes No
Quick Start Templates Yes Partially Supported
Idea and Help Library Yes No
Knowledge and Data Warehouse Yes Partially Supported
Searchable Data Yes Yes
Activity Filters (System Wide) Yes No
Relevance Dashboard Yes No
Track Workspaces Yes No
Track Teams and People Yes Partially Supported
What's New on the “Team Space” Feature Yes No
Data Specific Folders Yes No
Nested Workspaces Yes No
End-User Designed Workflow Yes No
End-User Defined Custom Forms Yes No

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