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How to Set the Default Landing Page


If you have an external facing landing page or an intranet landing page on your Vibe installation it may be prudent to direct your users to a certain landing page after they have logged in. This is beneficial because you can keep people updated on the most relevant information or help them navigate to their team workspace through the landing page that you set.

In this article we will make use of our own Government Demo Workspace. This demo is great for this use case because we have two important landing pages that we want users to be directed to. First we have our public portal:

Public Portal

This is our external facing landing page. This landing page will serve as a place where guests can come and find important information pertaining to the city. In this case guests would be citizens of Plattsburg. Since we have guest user enabled on our installation anytime someone goes to the URL for the Vibe installation they will be directed to this page until they login. This is also how we have set up our Virtual Sandbox.

The other important landing page that we want to direct users to is an Intranet Page:


This intranet page is for users that have a Vibe account. This can be city employees or even citizens that have created an account. This landing page will direct users to their team workspaces or give them updated information that they need without navigating to a specific folder.


1. Login as the Administrator

2. Select the Administration button in the top right corner of the branding area. This will take you to the Vibe Administration Menu.

Top Right Corner

3. Select Configure Default Landing Pages in the left menu under the System section.

Left Admin Menu

4. You should be in the Configure Default Landing Pages menu. There are two default home pages that you can select. The first one is the Default home Page, this is the page where users with Vibe accounts will be directed after login. The second default page is as its name suggests the Default Guest Home Page. Anybody that visits the URL for the City of Plattsburg will be directed here until they login.

 Configure Default

5. To enter the correct landing page you want users to go to just start typing it in the box and Vibe will show matching landing pages, workspaces or even folders. Select the appropriate landing page, repeat the process for the Default Guest Home Page and select OK.

Drop Down Selection

6. After you select Ok you will still be in the Configure Default Landing Pages menu but you will notice that your landing pages are selected and that you have the availability to delete them from this menu. If you selected the correct landing pages just simply select Close and you are finished.

Deletable Selection

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