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Landing Page Example


This landing page is an example of presenting information without having to worry too much about complexity in navigation or deployment. A landing page can be used as a portal which gives general information and allows users to navigate directly to the content they're searching for.

Figure 1: Landing Page Example


In this example, we have utilized the following features:

  • Blog Entries
  • Tables
  • Links
  • Graphics

These elements are used in different ways throughout this example. The landing page is not meant to function as an in-production landing page. It does make a good reference in introducing key elements of workspace creation in Vibe. You don't need to be an advanced user to understand this workspace. The most important takeaway from this example is the use of blogs and blog entries to facilitate the creation of a Vibe landing page.

The workspace is constructed from a collection of blog entries. We can use blogs due to the versatility of using graphics combined with text. Both of which can be used as links to any of the following; external web pages, internal workspaces, folders, or entries. Graphics can be anything from a picture to an icon, and can be organized using the table feature as part of the text editor. For the more advanced users, there is also an HTML editor which allows you to directly manipulate the information being displayed. If you have HTML code already and just want to implement it, you can simply paste your code right in the HTML editor. If you need to reference images, you can upload them to the entry and reference them there, which eliminates the headache of an absolute directory path.

To view working example of this landing page on the Virtual Sandbox Click Here

VERSION: Vibe OnPrem 3, Teaming 2.1

TIME TO DEPLOY: 1 to 2 hour(s)


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