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Browse and download free community forms and workflows. Great to demo Vibe potential or provide a starting point for your own business processes.

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Article Review

This form allows employees to submit an article for review and publication. The workflow takes the article through a language review, an image review, and a final review before publication.

Artist Profile

Would your company like to host an event with some type of entertainment? This simple form allows you to record artist information for use during just such an event.

Bid List Application

This form allows businesses that want to bid on and sell various commodities within a city's jurisdiction to submit vendor applications to their city government for approval and licensing.

Bug/Issue Management and Tracking

This form tickets and follows bugs and other technical issues pertaining to the projects within your business. The workflow sorts the bug by product, and by the amount of skill required to solve the problem. The issue is then tested and information regarding the issue or problem is returned to the submitter.

Business Credit Application

This form and workflow is designed for companies seeking to borrow money from a financial institution or for a line of credit with a manufacturer of goods. It has been generalized to offer the information necessary for credit verification, and to use digital signatures from the borrower to verify authenticity.

Case Report

The Case Report form is a modification of a wiki entry. See how you can quickly add elements to your standard forms to add utility to information types like wikis. Improve your knowledge and document management with this Case Report form.

Catering Request

Can you say BACON?! This form is used to request catering to any event or meeting. Ensure that you have food for any function.

Change of Name

This form provides a simple channel for notifying your company of a name change for security, payroll, and records purposes.

Classified Ad

Have you ever wanted to post something you're selling or an upcoming event to those who work with you or live closest to you? Now Vibe has a solution. This simple form and workflow combination will be perfect for posting all of those things.

Community Use of Public Facilities

Many city administrations offer the opportunity to rent public facilities, such as schools and libraries, for hosting community events. This generic form and workflow offers a simple but efficient way to process these requests.

Customer Activity - CRM

Customer Relationship Management is important to anyone that has contact with customers. This form demonstrates a simple way to keep track of customer activity.

Customer Reference

The Customer Reference comes with a custom form designed to help you gather new and relevant references from your sales force and employee base. The simple workflow association allows you to review submitted references and then accept or reject them based on the information given in the form. Would you like to know which products your customers are using and what they're saying about you? Would you like to leverage those references to help you with future campaigns and sales efforts? The Customer Reference form and workflow will help you do just that.

Customer Service Bundle

This bundle comes with multiple forms designed to increase your service and satisfaction ratings. Are you curious about how your existing customers are enjoying your product or service? Send them the brief but efficient Customer Satisfaction Form. Check out these forms to find one that fits your needs and improves your customer satisfaction.

Daily Time Card

Here's another very commonly used form in the workforce. This one is quite simple, and we do plan to release more complex and comprehensive time card forms. For now this should help you decide what additional options you need.

Direct Deposit Request

This is a simple form used to provide a company with the necessary information to establish a direct paycheck deposit to a bank or other financial institution.

Document Review

The document review process just got faster! This workflow utilizes Parallel Workflow Threads to submit a document to three separate review paths simultaneously, cutting down response times dramatically.

Drug Test Consent

This form gives a generalized drug test consent form with legal documentation accepted by most states in the U.S.A. It contains company disclaimers and check boxes for the tests agreed to and includes date and signature of the employee.

Education Evaluation Bundle

Administration, are you interested to see what students think about the new teacher you just hired? If you are the teacher, would you like to find out how your course material and teaching style is perceived by your students? For the teachers, would you like to see some changes made in the administration or voice your opinions? Utilize these evaluation forms to collect valuable information throughout all levels of your institution.

Employee Help Desk

Automate the Help Desk ticketing process with this simple form and workflow.

Employee Self-Evaluation

Give your employees a chance to voice their opinions on the work process, ethics, and procedures. Employees tend to respond well to self-evaluations, and your business might receive some very useful feedback regarding your best practices.

Event Request/Submission Form

Tired of arguing with another team about a scheduled event that didn't appear on the calendar? They swear they scheduled it, and you know you didn't see it. Those days are over. You can now carefully manage the events posted to the calendar.

Expense Report

Use this form to gather and track business expenses and ensure that you are getting all the information necessary to make decisions that affect the business budget.

Facilities Issue Report

This form allows employees to report any problems with company facilities. The workflow then automatically submits the report to the appropriate department within the company for resolution.

Funding Request

This is a hierarchical approval process tailored to businesses. Depending on the amount needed for the project, the request is escalated until it reaches a person with sufficient authority to approve it.

HR Curriculum Vitae

This form allows employees or trainees who are already working for a company to request a transfer to another company location or another position within the company.

HR Job Application

You can now automate your hiring process! With this form you can ensure that an applicant's information is clearly stated. In addition, the applicant's resume follows this form wherever it goes. The most powerful part of this process is the workflow, which allows you to follow the applicant through every step of the process.

HR Questionnaire Bundle

Gather important information from your employees at different stages during their employment. Do you want feedback on your hiring process? What about the on-boarding and training process? Are you curious as to how you can improve retention and employee satisfaction? Send out these questionnaires in order to see what you are doing right, and what changes you need to make to improve.

Information Request

Do you need feedback from your peers or co-workers on a specific topic? We have your solution. With the "Information Request" form and workflow, you can choose a topic related to your query. Urgency is easily specified to indicate to your peers or co-workers how important their feedback is.

Incident Report - Animal

Use this form to report problems, incidents, and disturbances caused by or related to animals. The idea for this form came from collaboration with a city government.

Incident Report - Traffic

Need a place to report a speed demon, a speed limit that needs to be increased or abandoned/parked cars? Use this form to do all of that and more. This came through collaboration with a city government.

Incident Report - Waste

Use this form to report failed trash pickups, negligent neighbors, broken dumpsters, and any other waste-related incidents.

Incident Report - Water

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. Use this form to report incidents and issues related to water use and quality. This Form came as a result of collaboration with a city government.

Injury Report

This form presents a generalized injury report that can be used on many levels of a company's infrastructure. It is designed to capture general incident information, along with any immediate action taken. It provides a company with quick feedback on safety considerations and possible improvements.

Intelligence Report

This form empowers law enforcement with a tool to organize and keep track of suspects, incidents, and intelligence reports.

Internal Product Request Order Form

This form streamlines the process of submitting product request orders within a business by simplifying both the application process and the review process.

IT Project Request

With the many things there are to do in the IT World, finding new projects that are worthwhile is difficult to do. To help, we've created a custom form and workflow to help you with your weed through the numerous project requests you receive.

Job Post Form

Manage internal job postings with an automated review and publishing process. Ensure required and accurate data, and controlled posts all while saving time and resources.

Knowledge Base Form

Is there an issue or a set of problems that might reoccur during the regular transaction of your business? This form provides a location to pool knowledge regarding problems and post solutions that have been used in the past to overcome these difficulties.

Knowledge Base Wiki Entry

This form is intended for a wiki folder. Use this form to create a wiki that will ensure you have all the information you need. A great use case for a standard form with modifications.

Maintenance Request

This form is a simple entry definition intended to provide order and organization in addressing maintenance issues in the organization. With no workflow required you can quickly transform any folder in Vibe into a maintenance request repository. We recommend using filters to quickly organize the requests from this definition.

Materials Tracking/Request

This form allows employees to request a wide range of materials necessary for daily business operation. The workflow then automatically sends the completed request to the appropriate department for authorization and delivery.

Medical History

This form was created to illustrate a general medical history. It demonstrates a simple form layout of 48 check boxes and provides space for medical explanations.

Medical Pre-Registration

This form and workflow reflect what most hospitals use before a major medical operation or medical treatment. The information contained is invaluable to medical professionals preparing to do their jobs, from anesthesiologists to surgeons.

Meeting and Room Request

From preplanned events to impromptu gatherings, this form can be used to inform all those involved in the pending meetings. You can also add additional information if equipment is needed.

Merchandise Transfer

Make sure that your merchandise doesn't get lost! When you need to transfer inventory from one store to another, this form and workflow helps you track every step of the process, to make sure that the inventory you send is received properly.

Minutes of the Meeting

A form to enter and organize your meeting minutes. A very simple file folder form for large businesses or city governments, with the option to select the date for easy organization and access.

Performance Report

This form and flow was created to illustrate a general employee performance report. Its areas of emphasis are in the employees strengths and weaknesses, with additional text areas for supervisor comments and space to include goals for the employee to accomplish.

Pricing Proposal

This form and its associated workflow allow for the easy submission of pricing proposals for marketing, product development, etc. Modeled after the real business needs of a large company, this flow requires three levels of review before a pricing proposal can be approved.

Procedure Approval

If your company needs an easy and effective way to request, approve, and announce changes in operating procedure, come take a look. This form allows for changes in a broad range of departments and locations.


The Project entry is one way to bring project management into Vibe. Create Projects that can act as a one-stop-shop for project status and information.

Project Delegation

Advanced Task Entry. The Project Delegation form is essentially a task entry for teams that need additional Meta data when creating tasks for projects. Project management comes in as many flavors as ice cream. Meta data surrounding task assignment can help your team be more organized and efficient.

Project Meeting Minutes

Have you ever wanted a place to store minutes from multiple meetings surrounding one project? This form allows users to organize multiple meeting minutes in one entry. This solution provides users with a central location to keep meeting minutes around a certain project.

Project Status Report New!

Status reports are an important part of project management. Vibe is an ideal platform for requesting, gathering, recording, and referencing status reports for projects.

Record of Disciplinary Action

For those organizations with a disciplinary process we have created this form and workflow. This can be a very important process for many organizations. We have tried to create a general outline while giving enough detail to demonstrate the uses for this form.

Restaurant Inspection Form

We thought we might look for form ideas in more directions. After reading Upton Sinclair's The Jungle we knew exactly what direction to go. This form came from the Vibe demo system. Implement this form in your business to help inspect external or internal food services.

Retired License Form

This form is to help you with tracking incoming expiring license requests.

Sales and Data Management

This form aids sales representatives with lead-to-sale processing. Most sales companies transfer leads into different categories, depending on the needs of a future customer. The form also provides a way for the sales department to manage customer data. This form and workflow was developed through a request made by a local sales company.

Statement of Work

TA statement of work (SOW) is a formal document that captures and defines the work activities, deliverables, and timeline a vendor must execute in performance of specified work for a client.

Time Off Request

This form and workflow facilitate the process of managing time off requests. A team, or an entire department, can check the availability of their co-workers by simply looking at a time off calendar, containing all approved requests.

Time Off Request-Calendar

This is a simpler version of the previous Time Off Request but has enhancements in access controls that help managers keep track of time off requests from multiple users.

Travel Request

Allows for quick responses to employee travel requests, and includes many of the basic elements involved with company travel. Now with version 2 which includes Supervisor Approval functionality.

Volunteer Application

Facilitates the gathering and approval of volunteer application information. Used in education and other organizations.

Workflow Routing

Use Workflow Routing to manage multiple workflow processes from one single form. Often teams and projects deal with managing their documents and information through a number of processes. Easily route your form definition to the designated workflow with Workflow Routing.

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