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Customer Service Bundle


This bundle comes with multiple forms designed to increase your service and satisfaction ratings. Are you curious about how your existing customers are enjoying your product or service? Send them the brief but efficient Customer Satisfaction Form. Check out these forms to find one that fits your needs and improves your customer satisfaction.

Figure 1: Customer Satisfaction Form

Figure 2: Customer Service Form

Figure 3: New Customer Form

Figure 4: Technical Support Form


Don't worry about burdening your customers with long, tedious questionnaires; all of the forms in this bundle are brief and easy to complete. Each one is meant for a specific situation and can yield very helpful results. With the customer service form, you can collect important information that can be used to train your employees on how to provide a better customer experience. Forms such as the customer satisfaction and the new customer forms can help you improve retention and can even provide leads to acquire new customers. The technical support form can help you ensure that your employees are knowledgeable and helping resolve issues efficiently.

To view a working example of this form visit the Virtual Sandbox.


File Name Size Last Updated Version Deployment Time
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2.58 KB 12/30/2011 Vibe 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 5 minutes
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