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Find out who has partnered with Vibe to provide you with even more functionality and expertise.

Adaris Technologies

Adaris has been helping customers across Canada, the US and Australia implement and get started with Vibe. Their vibe:Advantage engagement ensures that organizations get up and running quickly and efficiently with Vibe.

CONET Solutions

CONET Solutions GmbH has been successfully offering innovative IT solutions in the areas of software engineering, communications and IT infrastructure since 1987, amongst others specializing on delivering value-adding supplementary solutions for established applications and tools, e.g. Skype Connector, Social 4 Vibe (Facebook, Twitter and XING) for Vibe. We also create a wide range of extensions like PDF Print for WIKI, Gantt 4 Vibe to support project management and our Firefox toolbar. Our latest release is called C-Desktop which allows users to sync / lock / share files with vibe as easy as possible.

Code and Concept

Code and Concept, also known as "The Vibe Guys" from various conference sessions and articles about us's collaboration portfolio, is a our Partner in Germany and specializes in everything around Vibe: consulting, implementation, training, and system reviews. Code and Concept supports customers in all stages of their collaboration projects. Additionally, Code and Concept creates and implements Vibe extensions and add-on tools under the brand co3tools, like ShareOnVibe, the Firefox add-on that speeds up sharing content into your Vibe platform.


daccord provides you a continuous overview of the access rights structures within Vibe and can also be used for other systems in your IT landscape.


Escolar strengthens e-learning education and makes it easy for pupils/students, teachers and administrative personnel to accumulate, share and locate the knowledge they need. With Escolar, you create a full portfolio of data all the way from primary school and up, thus strengthening cooperation between teachers, pupil/students, school administrators and parents.


GWAVA protects, manages, and audits your GroupWise® system with an extensive array of software solutions on Linux, NetWare®, and Windows.

The Network Factory

The Network Factory has a strong focus on Collaboration Products from Micro Focus in Belgium and BeNeLux. Their consultants help organizations and companies with the design, implementation, and configuration of Vibe, as well as the training of administrators and end-users.

SEP Software

SEP Software specializes in storage management and network-wide data and security availability solution for over 15 years. Since 1992, SEP has developed industry-leading technology for data security, and has integrated this into one of the fastest and most reliable data backup solutions available today. SEP USA is headquartered in Boulder, CO.


ShareOnVibe is an add-on for Firefox that makes it really easy to share content onto your Vibe platform.


Vibe makes it easy for groups of teams to accumulate, share and search for the information and know-how they need. Through safe, centralized working areas Vibra makes it easy for your business organization to store and supplement the information, while making it available at all times. Power up decision making, innovation and success within your business.

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