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The Vibe Resource Library team has designed a series of webinars to help users utilize the important tools in Vibe. Vibe is a feature-rich collaboration tool that gives employees a platform for getting work done. Learn how you can create pages, store and manage documents, create forms and workflows, use discussion forums, wikis, task and calendar folders, and more.

Extending Vibe Features Through Custom JSPs | June 27, 2013

The webinar covers a highly requested topic: Using JSPs in Vibe. The presenter for the webinar is Professional Services Senior Technical Specialist, Rob Luhrs.

Vibe Public Access | December 18, 2012

This webinar is a guided tour through the new Vibe Public Access site found Here It focuses on logging in, site navigation, and the three main areas of the site which include Demo, Sandbox, and Projects.

Building a Tablet-Friendly Workspace | November 5, 2012

This is a recording of a webinar by the Vibe Resource Library Team about how to build a tablet friendly workspace. As more Vibe users start to integrate tablets into their arsenal of devices, it becomes important to create layouts that are optimized for those devices. Learn how a popular tablet workspace was created and get tips for how you can make your workspace more tablet-friendly.

Creating Custom Forms | September 6, 2012

This webinar goes through the process of creating a custom form in Vibe. It shows how to build the form view, explains data names, and demonstrates how to customize the layout of your form. Watch this in conjunction with the Creating Custom Workflows webinar in order to configure a custom form and workflow together.

Administration Console | August 7, 2012

This webinar covers some of the features and controls contained in the administration console in Vibe. Topics covered include: user accounts, groups, workspace and folder templates, login and user activity reports, LDAP, and many others. This webinar will be helpful to anyone who is a Vibe Administrator or who is seeking to build their knowledge of the back-end of Vibe.

What's New in 3.3 | June 26, 2012

This webinar highlights what's new in Vibe 3.3. The new release features the Microsoft Office Add-in and Desktop Application, as well as enhancements to tasks, calendars, and workflows. This webinar shows a few different ways that you can effectively collaborate with your teams in Vibe.

Landing Pages | June 5, 2012

The Vibe Resource Library team is back with another edition of the Webinar Series. In this edition we cover creating and managing landing pages. The webinar addresses key business issues that are resolved through landing pages, use cases, best practices, and a simple build. During the build, we focus on the many landing page elements that you can use to build custom landing pages which can help give any workspace or folder a personal look and feel.

Project Management in Vibe | May 1, 2012

Vibe offers an ideal platform for executing your project management processes. In this webinar we explore the options for projects including task, calendar and file management. Learn how to use the free Vibe Resource Library forms and workflows to get a jumpstart with our custom Project definitions. We'll discuss status reporting, notifications, filtered tasks, and much more.

Solving Basic Business Issues | March 6 & 8, 2012

This webinar will instruct participants on solving key business issues by creating a workspace with the important pieces that aid collaboration. Then on Thursday we'll regroup with our workspace from Tuesday and learn how to make it all work together. Each webinar week we'll pick a topic with specific business issues to resolve. Tuesday, March 6th we invite you to join us as we look at how our very own Vibe Resource Library solves these key business issues using Vibe.

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