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The Vibe Resource Library provides users with workspaces to download and import into their own Vibe installation.

These workspaces are to be imported into Vibe through the menu bar not the Administration Console. To understand how to import these workspaces read our article, "Importing Workspaces".

Hospital Workspace New!

The Hospital (Victory Regional Medical Center) Workspace is a sample workspace to help hospitals collaborate with their patients & visitors. In this workspace you will find a Landing Page with links to Vibe folders such as a Calendars (Events), Photo Albums (Employee Directory), Surveys (Patient & Visitor Feedback), Files (Brochures, Pamphlets, and Other Informational Materials), and Blogs (About You Sections, Gift Shop, Cafeterias, etc.).

Customer Reference Workspace New!

One of the most powerful ways to attract new customers is to let them see how your current customers feel about you. Using this Customer Reference Workspace in tandem with the Customer Reference Form and Workflow, your sales force and employee base can easily submit new and relevant references.

Tablet Workspace

As more Vibe users start to integrate tablets into their arsenal of devices, it becomes important to create layouts that are optimized for those devices. This landing page was built with the tablet user in mind. You will find that it is easier to navigate, view and create entries in Vibe using your tablet compared to other landing page layouts.

Human Resources Workspace

The Human Resources Workspace provides necessary tools to collaborate within an HR department. In it you will find a document repository, employee directory, task folder, scheduling calendar, quick link section and a survey section.

ACME Law Firm Workspace

Collaboration is an important part in creating a cohesive and organized team. The Vibe Legal Bundle showcases internal and external facing landing pages that firms can use to stay up to date, be better organized, and more focused as a group.

North America Sales Workspace

The North America Sales Workspace demonstrates how distributed teams can use Vibe to collaborate and get work done. In the workspace tree there are three other workspaces to separate different sales regions.

ACME Engineering Workspace

This workspace is intended to demonstrate how an engineering team may use Vibe. The landing page displays relevant folders and links for quick access to resources. This workspace was made in the context of a software engineering team but should be applicable for any group.

ACME Support Workspace

This workspace contains information which can assist you as you help our customers, giving them a better customer support experience. You will find a knowledge base of common customer issues and the ways to resolve them. There is an area for you to discuss with your co-workers about hard issues. Come here to find our weekly focus and goals. These, and other important information, can all be found here in the ACME Support Team Workspace.

Education Bundle New!

Technology is more and more becoming part of the way we learn and teach. Vibe can play an important role in providing students, teachers, and even parents a way of communicating and collaborating in a way that is secure, organized, and intuitive.

Project Management Demo

The Project Management Demo combines custom forms, workflows, folders, and landing page elements to create a project workspace that will keep everyone updated on the current project.

Landing Page Example

This landing page is an example of presenting information without having to worry too much about complexity in navigation or deployment. A landing page can be used as a portal which gives general information and allows users to navigate directly to the content they're searching for.

Government Demo Workspace

Built specifically to demonstrate Vibe and features surrounding collaboration, document management, knowledge repository, process automation, and landing pages. Remember this is not an out-of-the-box solution but it will give in-demo instructions. The instructions point you to other areas of the demo where features are highlighted. Find out what you can do to build meaningful collaboration within your organization.

Education Demo Workspace

Download this workspace to see an example of how Vibe could be used to empower teachers, administration, parents, and students in an education setting. Created originally as a demo for K-12, the workspace provides one of many solutions to this popular use case.

Classroom Workspace

This is an empty workspace as used in the Education Demo Workspace. This provides a quick and easy, ready-to-use workspace. The screenshot is an example of how the workspace could look after content is added to the classroom folders.

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