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Get Predictive Application Streaming at Breakneck Speeds

Predictive application streaming delivers apps based on user behavior

Application Virtualization uses a sophisticated profiling algorithm where applications are modeled based on user behavior. This makes it possible to anticipate code requirements, which results in predictive streaming of application code based on a user's actual behavior. This predictive application streaming removes the latency you get with other products.

Application streaming features include:

Application Profiler
Use the application profiler to build a streaming model that can anticipate user behavior resulting in quick and smooth application streaming. This predictive streaming capability lets you can run applications faster than ever.

Multiple Streaming Modes
Run in “No Cache,” “Cache Prefetch,” or “Register Local” modes. You decide if and how you will store streamed applications locally.

High Streaming User-to-Server Utilization
Enjoy ratios as high as 10,000 users per server.

Common Network Protocols for Streaming
Use standard HTTP, SMB, and CIFS protocols for streaming applications—or any protocol that can be mounted to a Windows UNC path.

Try application streaming here.

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