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What is Application Virtualization?

ZAV is a console product that allows you to quickly build virtual Windows applications that run like executable files.

How can ZAV help with my Windows 7 Migration?

By virtualizing all your Windows applications with ZAV, you'll cut down on testing and installations and ensure your users can run the applications as simply as running any executable files. They will always have the applications they need before, during, and after migration.

Can ZAV make my XP-only application work on Windows 7?

ZAV separates applications from the Windows Operating System to ensure they do not cause conflicts with other applications or require installation. However, if an application does not run on Windows 7 natively, ZAV will not resolve any operating system incompatibilities.

Why is an "agentless" architecture ideal?

An agentless architecture means you don't have to worry about deploying additional agents or expensive server-side resources to make your virtual applications work. Instead, your virtual application run like an executable file—on your computer, a USB storage drive or even streamable over the web.

What is the licensing method for ZAV? Is licensing per installation of the ZAV software, per software converted to a Virtualized App, or some other method?

ZAV is licensed by "device"—where a device is just a more encompassing term to take care of the virtual machine scenario where numerous "devices" of a virtualized application might be served up from a single box. If you have ten users that want to run virtualized apps—as many apps as they like—then you need ten licenses or one per user/device; whether you deliver them fat, serve them up on a network share or stream them down—ten devices will be in play and therefore ten licenses are required.

You can think of it as by user. It's just more encompassing when termed "device."

Dave P. wrote: A diagram I saw of this product shows the application being completely independent of the base OS. Does this allow apps to run cross platform? What I would like is to have a packaged application run on my suse64 that I use for my home machine.

Sorry, but right now you can't do this. ZAV is "by Windows, for Windows". This means, in its current state, you can only virtualize Windows applications to run on Windows machines. You cannot virtualize applications from any other platform--Linux (which would include SUSE®), Mac/Apple, Unix, and so forth. You also cannot virtualize a Windows application to run on another platform (meaning a virtual Windows application will not run on Linux, Mac, etc...).

Is there a way to get Google Chrome running virtualized?

Yes, you can create a virtual app of Chrome (and many, many other apps) using templates or "recipes" in the ZAV console. Learn how in this Cool Solutions article: Running Google Chrome Virtualized, with Application Virtualization

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