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ZENworks Asset Management Features

Avoid software overspending, lower security risk, and comply with software licensing and regulatory audits with complete information about hardware and software installations.

Featured Highlights

Reduce IT costs

Eliminate over- and under-purchasing and increase your bargaining power with software vendors.

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Lower compliance and security risk

Improve license compliance with a complete view of software installations and sophisticated license reconciliation capabilities.

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Make more informed software purchasing decisions

Gain all the knowledge you need to negotiate effectively with vendors.

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Asset Inventory

Automatic asset identification

Automate the process of recognizing and categorizing hardware and software assets with automatic identification of tens of thousands of products and devices.

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Streamlined asset inventory

Take advantage of proven, flexible out-of-the-box or customized inventory processes.

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Powerful usage and compliance reporting

Perform advanced usage and compliance reporting—and create complex custom reports without database programming knowledge.

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Software Discovery and License Tracking

Software discovery

Tune and prepare all your inventory data for efficient license compliance, reconciliation and reporting.

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License tracking and compliance

Import, normalize and reconcile licensing data from a wide range of different sources.

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License management and reconciliation

Match discovered products with purchased licenses, show how they relate to each other and place them in the context of your overall software licensing program.

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Software usage

Gain deep visibility into desktop and server-side application usage trends.

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Contract Management

Integrated contract management

Leverage information in the Micro Focus ZENworks Asset Management database to manage IT contracts.

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