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Software Discovery

Take advantage of ZENworks Asset Management's software discovery capabilities to streamline your software license management processes.

In addition to its advanced inventory capabilities, ZENworks Asset Management includes powerful software discovery features that tune and prepare all your software inventory data for efficient license compliance, reconciliation and reporting. This includes:

  • The ability to roll up point releases and service packs.
  • Automatic exclusion of titles with no license implications (i.e. Adobe Reader).
  • The ability to ignore software components if they were installed as part of a suite categorization of software by functional type.
  • Automatic identification of standalone suite components that were installed outside the suite.
  • The ability to distinguish between full, runtime and evaluation software.

 If you are planning a Windows 7 Migration, this feature will help you find all the software being used  by your organization, so you can make sure it will all work on Windows 7.

  • Streamlined asset inventory Take advantage of proven, flexible out-of-the-box or customized inventory processes.Read more
  • License reconciliation and management Match discovered products with purchased licenses, show how they relate to each other and place them in the context of your overall software licensing program.Read more

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