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Software Usage

Turn raw inventory and licensing data into useful information about software usage trends.

ZENworks Asset Management leverages its extensive collection of up-to-date inventory and licensing data to offer deep visibility into desktop and server-side software usage trends. This includes:

  • Detailed, extensive reporting capabilities, including usage reports on applications that run locally, in a browser and from a server.
  • Detailed tracking for both foreground and background application runtimes.
  • The ability to identify key applications—and target unused applications for elimination.
  • The ability to link software usage to specific users and devices, even on devices with multiple users.
  • An aggregate view of software usage levels across different departments and sites.
  • Application use and non-use reports over specific time periods.
  • The ability to track software usage even when devices are disconnected from the network.
  • A small footprint and quiet operation that minimize the impact on end users.

This capability is highly beneficial in Windows 7 Migration planning, as it can help you identify the key applications that need to be able to work after migration.

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