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New Features ZENworks SP4

Simplified virtual appliance deployment

Micro Focus ZENworks 11 SP4 introduces a brand new virtual appliance that simplifies the deployment of ZENworks Primary Servers. Plus, a new appliance web console makes configuring and managing the SUSE Linux Enterprise-based appliance easy. The appliance acts like a black box on your network, providing essential ZENworks services to your users.

Improved reporting

ZENworks 11 SP4 provides an updated release of ZENworks Reporting in a virtual appliance form factor, making deployment a snap. The new version of the underlying reporting engine offers numerous enhancements, including performance improvements, the ability to create custom forms and measures, new chart types, and much more.

Easier management of ZENworks SSL certificates

The new SSL management capabilities allow you to easily back up, restore, move and remint server and certificate authority certificates from the ZENworks Control Center.

Improved agent update

ZENworks 11 SP4 decouples the agent-side system update capabilities from the ZENworks adaptive agent. As a result, agent updates are more reliable and the updater service is self-healing. This update also provides an easy way to reset or repair the agent if needed.

Improved remote management capabilities

ZENworks 11 SP4 provides the latest version of remote management capabilities based on TightVNC, with the security you've come to expect. It also provides the ability to manage devices remotely even if the ZENworks agent service isn't running on the device.

Improved license consumption tracking

ZENworks Asset Management now provides the ability to connect to GroupWise 2014 and Open Enterprise Server to determine license consumption and reconcile consumption against purchase data. This improved tracking capability provides crucial guidance related to fulfilling license compliance.

Selective encryption of USB devices

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management now allows you to selectively encrypt USB devices.

In addition to these valuable features, we also added a number of smaller customer-requested enhancements to this release. Take time today to try out the best version of ZENworks yet!

New Features ZENworks SP3

New Core Capabilities

Streamline and automate configuration management across your whole environment with a long list of expanded and enhanced core capabilities.

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Integrated Endpoint Security Management for Windows

Manage the security settings of all your Windows systems through the central web-based ZENworks console.

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Integrated Desktop Management for Linux Endpoints

Unify your desktop environments by managing all of your Windows and Linux endpoints through a single unified, web-based ZENworks console.

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Power Management

Configure policies for setting up Windows power management settings and performing out-of-band power management tasks using Intel vPro. Then, run reports that show the results of your efforts and policies.

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ZENworks Reporting Server

Get actionable information about your IT environment with an enhanced reporting service that lets you run a wide range of canned reports and build custom reports as you need them.

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Automated IT Lifecycle

Comprehensive, Integrated Configuration Management

Manage your whole Windows environment with a comprehensive set of fully integrated configuration management tools.

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Device Discovery and Agent Deployment

Find all the devices on your network, classify them, add them to the ZENworks Database and quickly deploy the appropriate management agents.

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Policy-based Automation

Use a unique policy-based approach to automate software setup, updates, healing and migration for desktop computers.

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Role-based Administration

Give administrators and helpdesk personnel just the level of control they need to do their jobs.

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Software Distribution & Application

Software Packaging and Deployment

Simplify and automate the packaging, deployment and management of all your applications throughout their entire lifecycles.

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Imaging and Pre-Boot Services

Perform automatic imaging tasks and manual imaging operations quickly and efficiently.

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Windows 7 Migration

Use a unique policy-based approach—together with advanced imaging and personality migration features—to accelerate the Windows 7 migration process.

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Auto Content Replication and Distribution Points

Place applications and content close to your end users.

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Role-based administration

Give administrators and helpdesk personnel just the level of control they need to do their jobs.

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Deployment & Administration

Flexible, Non-intrusive Deployment Options

Choose to install only the capabilities you need—or deploy the whole solution at once.

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ZENworks Virtual Appliance

Deploy ZENworks Configuration Management more quickly than ever before with a new virtual appliance option.

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Web Services Architecture

Simplify administration and reduce infrastructure and training costs with an elegant, easy-to-use web services architecture.

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