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Integrated Endpoint Security Management for Windows

Make endpoint security management a totally integrated part of your unified web-based ZENworks console.

ZENworks includes ZENworks Endpoint Security Management that is completely integrated into the centralized, web-based ZENworks console. This new version includes:

  • A single management agent that provides integrated configuration and security management on Windows devices. This integrated agent communicates to and from the ZENworks server over standard HTTP(s) protocols and provides full location awareness capabilities.
  • A single management console and policy management framework for configuration management and security management. This includes support for feature-specific policies that allow you to define granular security settings for individual devices, combine security and configuration policies into unified policy groups, and assign policies based on any combination of users, devices and locations.
  • A new endpoint security reporting service that improves your ability to run and create reports that provide deeper insights into endpoint security policy enforcement.
  • A long list of advanced new endpoint security features and capabilities, including:
    • USB device management that allows you to control what devices or types of devices your users can access.
    • Storage management that makes it easy to control access to storage devices and control the AutoPlay feature on Windows desktops.
    • Wi-Fi management that gives you the ability to limit wireless access to protected networks or trusted access points.
    • An advanced layer 2 firewall that controls all incoming and outgoing traffic on managed devices.
    • VPN enforcement that requires users to use VPN in certain locations.
    • Application control that allows you to restrict if and how applications execute and whether they can use the Internet.
    • Data encryption that enables you to configure encryption options for removable devices and selected directory paths.
    • Client self-defense that prevents users from tampering with the security enforcement components of the ZENworks agent.
    • Windows Power Management Configure policies for setting up Windows power management settings and performing out-of-band power management tasks using Intel vPro. Then, run reports that show the results of your efforts and policies. Read more
    • Patch Management for Windows and Linux Streamline patch management across your enterprise by monitoring and maintaining patch compliance on both Windows and Linux systems from the main web-based ZENworks console. Read more

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