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ZENworks Configuration Management Version Comparison

What's new in ZENworks Configuration Management 11?

Feature ZENWorks Configuration Management 11 ZENworks Configuration Management 10 ZENworks 7

Installation and Deployment

Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit Yes Yes No
Automated device discovery Yes Yes No
Browser-based management Yes Yes No
Linux integration Yes No No
Single adaptive agent Yes Yes No
Rapid and intelligent installation Yes Yes No

Policy-Driven Automation

Identity-based management Yes Yes Yes
Policy-driven configuration Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic device groups Yes Yes No
Role-based administration Yes Yes Yes
Flexible scheduling options Yes Yes Yes
Blackout schedules Yes Yes Yes
Bundle and policy groups Yes Yes No
Centralized messaging and monitoring Yes Yes No
ZENworks administrative groups Yes No No

Internet Friendliness and Efficiency

Web services architecture Yes Yes No
Firewall friendly Yes Yes No
Application cache Yes Yes Yes
Mobile user management Yes Yes Yes

Reporting Server

Web-based reporting Yes Yes No
Report scheduling Yes Yes No
Historical reports Yes Yes No
Export to pdf, Excel, and other formats Yes Yes No
Pre-built reports Yes Yes No

Application and Content Deployment

Delivery of applications by users Yes Yes Yes
Delivery of applications by workstation Yes Yes Yes
Find nearest server to deliver application and content Yes Yes No
Auto application/content replication Yes Yes No
Lights-out delivery Yes Yes Yes
Self-healing and auto verification Yes Yes Yes
Supports ICA/RDP application delivery Yes Yes Yes
Auto uninstalls when no longer in use Yes Yes Yes
Supported delivery for EXE and MSI Yes Yes Yes
Action level system requirements Yes Yes Yes
Application deployment via add-on imaging Yes Yes Yes
Bundle and policy change management Yes No No

OS Migration and Imaging

Desktop imaging Yes Yes Yes
Add-on images Yes Yes Yes
Imaging via PXE, CD/DVD, HDD Yes Yes Yes
Integrated 3rd-party imaging support – ImageX Yes Yes No
Customizable PXE menu Yes Yes Yes
Ghost imaging support Yes Yes No
Real-time migration Yes Yes Yes
Personality migration Yes Yes Yes

Cross-platform Support

Native Active Directory support Yes Yes No
Micro Focus eDirectory support Yes Yes Yes
Mixed Micro Focus eDirectory and Active Directory support Yes Yes No
Windows Server 2008 Yes Yes No
Windows Server 2003 Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 support Yes Yes Yes
Windows 7 Yes Yes No
Windows 2008 R2 Server Yes Yes No
SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server 10 or 11 Yes Yes No
Red Hat Enterprise Server 5.5 Yes No No
Support 64-bit JVM on 64-bit hardware and OS Yes No No
Additional support
Yes No No

Enterprise Inventory

Integrated asset inventory Yes Yes No
Customizable database wizards Yes Yes Yes
Hardware/software inventory for patented ZENworks knowledgebase Yes Yes Yes
Free monthly accessed to ZENworks knowledgebase Yes Yes Yes
User-defined products and suites Yes Yes Yes
Report inventory on retired devices Yes Yes Yes
Hardware inventory Yes Yes Yes
Software inventory Yes Yes Yes
Passive network discovery Yes Yes No
Platform/device support Yes No No

Troubleshooting and Remediation

Secure remote management Yes Yes Yes
Remote diagnostics Yes Yes Yes
Transfer files Yes Yes Yes
Elevated remote execution through remote control Yes Yes Yes
Collaborative remote control Yes Yes No

Power Management and Reporting

Enforce AC power management settings (Windows device) Yes No No
Intel vPro Integration Yes No No
Compliance and policy reporting Yes No No

Infrastructure Management

Location awareness also available for ZESM and now ZAM, ZPM Yes No No
Location awareness: DNS, DHCP, WINS, SSID, GATEWAY Yes No No
Bandwidth throttling between servers Yes Yes No
Bandwidth throttling between server and client Yes No Yes
Unified management console Yes No No
Application/content controlled replication by type Yes No No

Single Adaptive Agent

Also available for ZAM, ZPM and now ZESM Yes No No
Centrally manage Windows and Linux endpoints Yes No No
Enforce configuration policies Yes No No

Unified Management Console

Also available for ZAM, ZPM and now ZESM Yes No No
Web services architecture Yes Yes No
Single adaptive agent Yes No No

Integrated Linux Management

Discover Linux devices and deploy ZENworks Agent Yes No No
Package and repository management Yes No No
Remote management and puppet policies Yes No No

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