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ZENworks Virtual Appliance

The ZENworks Virtual Appliance delivers all the features and capabilities of the following products:

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management

Enjoy full integration with ZENworks 11

ZENworks 11 brings configuration management and endpoint security together like never before. With ZENworks 11, you deploy a single desktop agent for both endpoint configuration and security management, and you use a single unified console to manage all your endpoint configuration and security policies and capabilities.

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New security and control capabilities

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management comes complete with stronger, more robust capabilities that ensure even greater control and tighter security. From mobile devices, to Wi-Fi, storage, virtual networks, and secure applications controls—ZENworks has all-new, enhanced solutions to protect your critical information like never before.

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Powerful reporting capabilities

With ZENworks Endpoint Security Management, new and improved reporting services allow you to execute canned reports and build new reports quickly and easily.

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Firewall security and other new features

In addition, ZENworks Endpoint Security Management provides other new capabilities with better, more secure encryption and firewall benefits.

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Advanced port security

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management gives you even more control over your devices no matter where they are, even outside your security perimeter. We help you manage at the lowest level for optimal security and performance, safely controlling connectivity via LAN, modem, Bluetooth, Infrared, 1394 (Firewire), and more.

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USB and removable media security

Don't let your secrets walk out the door on a thumb drive. With us, you can prevent intentional or inadvertent transmission of data to all your removable storage devices. And coupled with data encryption, you just couldn't be more secure from both internal and external data loss; both deliberate or inadvertent.

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Lock down your wireless network security

In the never-ending quest to keep users from using bogus wireless networks, ZENworks Endpoint Security Management will help you centrally control when, how and where users are allowed to connect. And it doesn't just detect intrusions, it totally prevents users 24x7 in all locations.

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Complete application control

Keep everyone compliant with corporate application policies by securing endpoints with a tool that lets you control the applications people can and cannot use. We can help you make sure only approved applications run on corporate IT assets by creating white/black lists, or enforcing certain applications to run prior to network connection.

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Antivirus and spyware integrity

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management verifies that designated endpoint PC antivirus and/or anti-spyware software is running and is up to date, whether the endpoint connects to the corporate network or the Internet.

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ZENworks Endpoint Security Management VPN Enforcement ensures users always connect with an authorized VPN—even at hotspots, enforcing encrypted transmission of data and secure connection to the corporate network. Additionally, VPN Enforcement protects against wireless attacks and prevents dangerous end-user behaviors such as split tunneling.

Cisco NAC integration

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management fully supports Cisco's Network Admission Control (NAC) initiative.

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Actually securing your security client

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management protects each endpoint by ensuring that the security client cannot be altered, hacked, or uninstalled. Protect corporate data with tools that truly secure the endpoints from insiders and outsiders.

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24/7 alerts monitoring

With an eye always on the well-being of your endpoint devices, ZENworks Endpoint Security Management helps you avoid costly accidents with tools that keep you informed and that distribute, enforce, and monitor security policies on your endpoint devices without forcing users to make security decisions or adjust settings.

Common criteria EAL 4+ certified

The Common Criteria (CC), is an internationally recognized ISO standard (ISO/IEC 15408) used by the United States Federal government and other government organizations to assess security and assurance of technology products. Level 4+ is only achieved by a handful of companies, and we're one of them.

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ZENworks Configuration Management

Policy-Driven Automation

Lowers your cost of ownership using a unique policy-based approach to automate software setup, updates, healing and migration for desktop computers.

User-based Management

Because ZENworks Configuration Management supports Active Directory and Micro Focus eDirectory users, you can create ZENworks user groups that include users from multiple directories, further simplifying the management of applications for those users. With a single action, you can assign applications to users regardless of which domain they reside in.

Platform Independence

Because ZENworks Configuration Management is built on HTTP and SOAP protocols and administered from a browser, the solution is easy to deploy and use—from anywhere. Plus, there are no client requirements—even for remote management functionality. And support for multiple LDAP servers for any given user source improves fault tolerance.

Remote Control

Configure, update and troubleshoot workstations from wherever they are—inside or outside the firewall—without having to visit each desktop.

Application Healing

Once an application is installed, ZENworks Configuration Management is able to sense if the configuration of the application has been damaged and is able to automatically heal the application.

Software Distribution

Automate the distribution of desktop applications and operating system upgrades (including Windows 7), ensuring end-user devices are always up to date.

Personality Migration

Migrate customizations for your end users, such as user accounts, desktop shortcuts, wallpaper, and display settings, network settings, printer settings, applications, files and folders.


Take images of devices like Windows servers and workstations, then reimage them and other devices with those images.

Software Packaging (MSI)

Manage Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) packages, including the ability to convert legacy-based installs, ZENworks AOT packages, and ZENworks AXT packages to MSI packages; customize MSI packages for your organizations' varying needs; and automate creation of directory objects used for management and distribution of the MSI package.

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ZENworks Asset Management

Enterprise-class Inventory Management

Get an integrated asset inventory, with software usage and license reconciliation. Reconciliation includes automatic filtering for purchased vs. discovered products, as well as different versions, editions, suites and models.

Accurate Software Reporting

ZENworks Asset Management does much more than simply inventory your software applications. It also uses sophisticated techniques to make sure your software inventory is complete, normalized and tuned for license compliance, reconciliation and reporting. For instance, software sold in bundles can be defined and tracked to align application discovery to purchasing and licensing information. This unique License View enables you to accurately track and reconcile all the software on your network.

Comprehensive License Tracking and Compliance

ZENworks Asset Management can keep you in compliance with all your license agreements and contracts. It includes an auto-reconciliation feature that matches the products discovered on your network with the licenses you've purchased. Avoid costly penalties for noncompliance with licensing policies and government regulations.

Rich Asset Reports

Knowing exactly which software assets are being used, and how frequently, gives you enormous power when you negotiate with vendors. You'll know what you need or don't need from them, and you'll know whether it's worth anything to you for them to throw in another software license. Software usage reports also make it possible to set and maintain corporate standards and quickly identify the use of non-standard or even rogue applications, such as hacker tools and peer-to-peer software.

Contract Management

With comprehensive web reporting, a new cross-product ZENworks Reporting Server engine, multiple graphing and display options, hundreds of built-in reports and queries, and asset history and trend analyses, you can know exactly which licenses and contracts need to be extended. The trends can also point you toward future needs, which will help in planning IT expenditures.

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ZENworks Patch Management

Automatic Application of All Required Updates and Patches

Defend your network from the devastating cost of viruses without burdening your IT staff by automating the process of discovering security alerts, retrieving the patches and deploying the right ones to the right machines at the right time to prevent problems.

Maintenance and Monitoring of Patch Compliance

ZENworks Patch Management helps you assess security risks automatically, accurately and comprehensively. It maintains and monitors patch compliance throughout the entire enterprise to accurately detect security vulnerabilities. This powerful tool provides dynamic graphical reports so administrators can easily see which devices are in security compliance and quickly assess vulnerability. And it goes way beyond monitoring and reporting—this patch management tool automatically applies all required updates and patches to new installations to match appropriate standards.

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