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Frequently Asked Questions

Which ZENworks products are included in the ZENworks Virtual Appliance?

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management
ZENworks Configuration Management
ZENworks Asset Management
ZENworks Patch Management

What are the supported platforms?

VMware ESX 3.5 update 4 and ESXi 4.0

Which other ZENworks components are included in the virtual appliance?

Embedded Sybase
ZENworks Reporting Server

What are the latest new features in ZENworks Virtual Appliance?

The latest version is based on ZENworks 11 which includes:

  • Integrated Endpoint Security Management for Windows—ZENworks Endpoint Security Management is now a fully-integrated part of the unified ZENworks 11 Web-based console. This makes it possible to automatically manage and change security configurations depending on a user's role and location from a single, centralized location.
  • Configuration Management for Windows and now Linux endpoints—Linux Desktop Management is now fully-integrated into the ZENworks 11 Web-based console, which allows you to manage all your Windows and Linux desktops and servers from one location.
  • Integrated Linux Management—Use the same console and infrastructure to manage your SUSE® Linux Enterprise, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Open Enterprise Linux servers and workstations.
  • Integrated Patch Management for Windows and Linux—You can now manage all your Linux and Windows patches from the same unified ZENworks 11 console.
  • Integrated Asset Management for Windows and Linux—ZENworks Configuration Management 11 makes it possible to inventory and manage all your Windows and Linux devices through the same unified console.
  • Power Management—With ZENworks Configuration Management 11, you can now configure policies for setting up Windows power management settings and performing out of band power management tasks using Intel vPro. You can also take advantage of a new set of reports that make it possible to measure and quantify how much power your power management policies are actually saving.
  • Improved Change Management—Take control of your configuration by delegating the building, testing and publishing of software and configuration policies; ensure that older version information is maintained and that new versions are only deployed when published.

Does the ZENworks Virtual Appliance support Windows 7?

Yes. ZENworks 11 and prior versions (starting with ZENworks Configuration Management 10.2.2) offers full Windows 7 support.

Where can I download an evaluation copy of ZENworks Virtual Appliance?

Please visit our product downloads site.

What is the procedure for upgrading ZENworks Virtual Appliance?

The appliance upgrade is a side-by-side upgrade that is fully covered in the product documentation. In summary, the following steps need to be followed:

Manual Steps:

  1. Deploy a new ZENworks Appliance 11. This will be based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP1.
  2. When the ZENworks Configuration Wizard appears, choose to migrate an older appliance instead of creating a new ZONE.
  3. Specify the IP address and root password of the ZENworks Virtual Appliance.

Automated Steps:

  1. Via a secure channel, code is copied from the ZENworks Virtual Appliance 11 to the ZENworks Virtual Appliance 10.
  2. The content and database (if internal Sybase) of ZENworks Virtual Appliance 10 are upgraded. If the appliance server has the reporting role, report definitions are backed-up.
  3. The upgraded database (if internal Sybase) and content are copied to the ZENworks Virtual Appliance 11.
  4. Other configuration items (such as certificates) are backed up, and report definitions are copied to the ZENworks Virtual Appliance 11.
  5. The ZENworks Virtual Appliance 10 is shut down remotely.
  6. The ZENworks Virtual Appliance 11 assumes the network identity (IP Address, Hostname, etc.) of the ZENworks Virtual Appliance 10.
  7. Upon restart, the new ZENworks Virtual Appliance 11 functions as a Primary Server in the same ZONE.

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