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Download ZENworks Endpoint Security Management 11 SP4

In today's computing environments, the majority of new data is on endpoint devices. These devices are mobile and not always behind your perimeter security. Laptops, smartphones, MP3 players, thumb drives and other portable endpoint devices are especially vulnerable to loss and theft. Through wireless connections, endpoint devices can access networks that might not be secure.

At the same time, many users are not aware of the variety of security risks associated with their devices. Other users struggle to understand, implement, and maintain their security software.

ZENworks® 11 SP4 Endpoint Security Management simplifies endpoint security by putting you, not your users, in control of endpoint security. The ZENworks approach is simple: help you protect your network and mobile data by enforcing endpoint security policies that address both known and unknown security risks, whether users are within or beyond the office walls, by enabling you to manage the endpoint security needs below.

Key Capabilities

For detailed information about the capabilities provided by the products bundled in the ZENworks Suite, refer to the product documentation.

  • Personal Firewall: Control access to ports and protocols to protect against hackers, malware, protocol attacks, and more, while keeping security invisible to the end user.
  • Wireless Security: Control when, how, and where users are allowed to connect. Wi-Fi connectivity can be limited to authorized and known access points, can be limited to access points with minimum encryption or signal strength, or can be disabled completely if necessary.
  • Data Encryption: Secure data stored on the endpoint and on removable media by encrypting files so they can only be read by authorized users. Protects sensitive information on lost or stolen mobile computers.
  • USB Security: Prevent intentional or inadvertent transmission of data to removable storage devices. Storage devices can be placed in read-only mode or fully disabled, while the endpoint hard drive and all network drives remain accessible and operational.
  • Application Control: Ensure that only approved applications are run on corporate IT assets. Create black lists or enforce applications, (such as VPN or antivirus) to run prior to network connection.
  • Client Self Defense: Protect the endpoint by ensuring that the Endpoint Security Agent cannot be altered, hacked, or uninstalled.
  • Port Control: Control connectivity through LAN, modem, Bluetooth, infrared, 1394 (Firewire), and serial and parallel ports.
  • Scripting: Run a JScript or VBScript on a device in either the system or user context. Trigger the script according to Endpoint Security Agent actions, location changes, or time periods.

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