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ZENworks Endpoint Security Management Features

Take advantage of more powerful, identity-based endpoint security to protect your organization's confidential information.

Feature Highlights

Get powerful protection for all of your mobile devices

How much of your company's secure information is stored on mobile endpoint devices? We can help you take control no matter where your users might be, with Micro Focus ZENworks Endpoint Security Management.

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Put end-user devices behind a potent firewall

Get driver-level firewall protection powerful enough to protect government computers from hackers and malware.

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Protect against bugs in USB Storage devices

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management ensures the safe use of removable storage devices through policies.

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Create data encryption when you need it the most

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management lets you easily define and enforce data encryption policies that deliver data security and peace of mind.

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Enjoy a truly unified solution

Centralize the management of all your devices into a single, unified and easy-to-use web-based ZENworks console—called ZENworks Control Center.

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New Features

Enjoy full integration with ZENworks 11

ZENworks 11 brings configuration management and endpoint security together like never before. With ZENworks 11, you deploy a single desktop agent for both endpoint configuration and security management, and you use a single unified console to manage all your endpoint configuration and security policies and capabilities.

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New security and control capabilities

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management comes complete with stronger, more robust capabilities that ensure even greater control and tighter security. From mobile devices, to Wi-Fi, storage, virtual networks, and secure applications controls—ZENworks has all-new, enhanced solutions to protect your critical information like never before.

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Firewall security and other new features

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management provides other new capabilities with better, more secure encryption and firewall benefits.

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Device Control Features

Advanced port security

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management gives you even more control over your devices no matter where they are, even outside your security perimeter. We help you manage at the lowest level for optimal security and performance, safely controlling connectivity via LAN, modem, Bluetooth, Infrared, 1394 (Firewire), and more.

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USB Security Features

USB and removable media security

Don't let your secrets walk out the door on a thumb drive. With us, you can prevent intentional or inadvertent transmission of data to all your removable storage devices. And coupled with data encryption, you just couldn't be more secure from both internal and external data loss; both deliberate or inadvertent.

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Wireless Security Features

Lock down your wireless network security

In the never-ending quest to keep users from using bogus wireless networks, ZENworks Endpoint Security Management will help you centrally control when, how and where users are allowed to connect. And it doesn't just detect intrusions, it totally prevents users 24x7 in all locations.

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Application Control Features

Complete application control

Keep everyone compliant with corporate application policies by securing endpoints with a tool that lets you control the applications people can and cannot use. We can help you make sure only approved applications run on corporate IT assets by creating black lists, or enforcing certain applications to run prior to network connection.

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Antivirus and spyware integrity

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management verifies that designated endpoint PC antivirus and/or anti-spyware software is running and is up to date, whether the endpoint connects to the corporate network or the Internet.

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Client Self Defense Features

Actually securing your security client

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management protects each endpoint by ensuring that the security client cannot be altered, hacked, or uninstalled. Protect corporate data with tools that truly secure the endpoints from insiders and outsiders.

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