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Advanced Port Security

Safe and secure in any and every wireless environment

Along with wireless connectivity, ZENworks Endpoint Security Management also controls connectivity to Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista PCs via LAN and modem.

It can block Bluetooth, Infrared, 1394 (FireWire), and serial and parallel ports connections, preventing unintended or rogue access through any of these connection points. In addition, each hardware type can be enabled or disabled, either globally or by location.

  • Mobile device securityZENworks Endpoint Security Management provides mobile security features that ensure that mobile devices outside your perimeter security are safe and secure. Read more
  • USB and removable media security Don't let your secrets walk out the door on a thumb drive. With us, you can prevent intentional or inadvertent transmission of data to all your removable storage devices. And coupled with data encryption, you just couldn't be more secure from both internal and external data loss; both deliberate or inadvertent. Read more

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