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ZENworks Endpoint Security Management Feature Version Comparison

Product ZENworks Endpoint Security Management 11 SP1 / SP2 ZENworks Endpoint Security Management 11 ZENworks Endpoint Security Management 3.5
Integrated with ZENworks console Yes Yes Yes
Ability to apply multiple policies and manage by exclusion Yes Yes No
Supports Linux and Windows as a management server Yes Yes No
Supports Sybase, SQL or Oracle as a database Yes Yes No
Policy managed, layer-2 firewall Yes Yes Yes
USB device control Yes Yes Yes
FIPS-140-1 folder based encryption Yes Yes Yes
Location based policies Yes Yes Yes
Application control Yes Yes Yes
3rd party integration via scripting policies Yes No Yes
Client self defense Yes Yes Yes
Autorun controls Yes Yes Yes
Endpoint Wifi security controls Yes Yes Yes
Ability to restrict other types of communications hardware (Bluetooth, Firewire, etc.) Yes Yes Yes
VPN enforcement Yes Yes Yes
Integrity rules No No Yes
Effective policy reporting Yes Yes Yes
Policy compliance reporting No No Yes
Agent reporting when configured security events occur No No Yes

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