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Lock Down Your Wireless Network Security

Protecting you from even the most unprotected Wi-Fi network

Corporations have taken steps to ensure the security and privacy of their own internal Wi-Fi networks, yet this protection often stops at the enterprise perimeter. Every day your employees sit in the airport, at the hotel or a coffee shop checking their email or downloading customer records or other sensitive data. The question is not whether your company needs wireless security: it's really about how you get the wireless genie back into the bottle before you experience a serious compromise.

Unprotected Wi-Fi networks pose multiple threats to business. Without wireless security controls, users can inadvertently compromise both local and corporate data, from a Wi-Fi hotspot or even from the office. Hackers can easily find an opening in an unprotected system on an access point or hotspot and run scripted, peer-to-peer attacks. They can gain access to confidential data such as customer lists, project plans and even username-password combinations.

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management provides the industry's first centrally managed endpoint security software solutions to control and manage wireless connectivity on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 machines.

Your IT department can:

  • Exercise complete control over wireless connectivity
  • Ensure use of only approved wireless NIC cards
  • Completely silence the wireless radio, if desired
  • Automatically distribute WEP pre-shared keys without user intervention
  • Permit communication only via approved wireless devices
  • Receive timely information on rogue access points and unauthorized WLANs
  • Automatically adapt user connectivity permissions by network location
  • Block unsafe wireless connections such as ad-hoc connections and those not protected by WEP, WPA and 802.11i, or other standards

Your users can:

  • Securely access authorized wireless APs even in risky environments
  • Easily connect without entering complicated security key information
  • Securely remain productive in any wireless location
  • Safely conduct business in multiple locations
  • Avoid making difficult security decisions
  • Avoid being 'bounced' around from one AP to another AP, losing connectivity

Hackers cannot:

  • Gain access to the corporate network via a user's wireless network card
  • Scan notebook PC ports and read sensitive data over wireless hotspots
  • Plant malware on mobile devices through wireless access
  • Divert sensitive communications to rogue access points
  • Trick users into making unsafe connections with unauthorized or "ad-hoc" access points

The patent-pending AccessAware™ technology centrally manages and controls mobile WLAN connectivity and access point visibility by NIC, user/group and location.

  • Security policies With ZENworks Endpoint Security Management, and its built-in single management console and policy management paradigm, you receive feature-specific security policies that allow you to define security settings granularly for each mobile device. Read more
  • Powerful reporting capabilities With ZENworks Endpoint Security Management, new and improved reporting services allow you to execute canned reports and build new reports quickly and easily. Read more

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