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Automated Disk Encryption Software


Manage encrypted devices remotely and cut travel costs

Cut travel costs and keep your IT staff productive

Encryption is meant to keep out unauthorized users—not hinder the people who need to use those devices to do their jobs. Too often, though, managing encrypted devices is a hands-on process. IT has to get to the device to manage it. That means walking, driving or flying.

That manual management wastes time. It wastes money. It even wastes everything else your users (and your IT people) could be doing in the meantime. And it's why managing encrypted devices by hand can bump IT budgets up by more than 20%.

ZENworks Full Disk Encryption gives you all the benefits of encryption without the high cost of having to "touch" devices to manage access, troubleshoot passwords, pull vital data from damaged machines or even work around career changes.

For instance, users who forget the passwords to their encrypted devices don't have to wait to be productive. They just call the help desk. Using a web-based centralized console, the help desk can reset those passwords—securely, remotely, at any time, from anywhere, and within minutes.

Your IT staff doesn't have to fly anywhere. They don't even have to get out of their chairs. That's how ZENworks works—from deployment to maintenance to troubleshooting, it keeps both your IT and your end users more productive, more of the time.

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