Simplify Your Windows 7 Migration with ZENworks

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Identity-based endpoint management—and a virtually zero-touch way to migrate to Windows 7.

Are you prepared to migrate quickly and easily to Windows 7—without disrupting user productivity or breaking the IT bank?

With ZENworks®, you can. It includes products that span the entire migration lifecycle—Assess, Optimize, Migrate, Patch and Maintain—and facilitates smooth, "near-zero touch" migrations. Make ZENworks your preferred Windows 7 migration tool, and see how easy we make it, every step of the way.


Are you ready for an XP to Windows 7 migration? What about moving from Vista to Windows 7? Before you make your move, arm yourself with the facts: Where are your Vista and XP devices? Can these devices support Windows 7? If you move them to Windows 7, will your applications still work? With ZENworks Asset Management, you can thoroughly assess your Windows 7 opportunities. Use it to get Windows 7 readiness reports and other powerful tools that leverage licensing, installation and usage data to tell you where you're ready and where you still have prep work to do.

Migrating to Windows 7: Discovery

Finding out which of your PCs is ready for Windows 7 can be complex and time consuming. See how ZENworks Asset Management can automate the inventory process and provide you with detailed Upgrade Readiness reports.

Duration: 03:13


One of the key issues you'll face during a Windows XP to Windows 7 migration is making sure that your users have the applications they need before, during and after the migration. By virtualizing all your Windows applications with Application Virtualization, you can keep your workforce productive at all times. Deploy new apps with no conflicts and zero installation times, and let users take them wherever they go!

Migrating to Windows 7: Application Continuity

Application Virtualization can help you sidestep Windows 7 compatibility issues and migrate safe in the knowledge that your legacy applications will continue to run.

Duration: 04:04


Once you have identified your Windows 7 opportunities, how do you make the move quickly, automatically and cost-effectively? Loaded with powerful imaging and personality migration capabilities, ZENworks Configuration Management facilitates Windows 7 migrations while preserving desktop and application settings and minimizing the business disruptions that normally accompany major OS upgrades. If you're still using ZENworks 7, make the move to Windows 7 with ZENworks 11.

Migrating to Windows 7: Deploy and Configure

This demo shows how the imaging and personality migration features of ZENworks 11 can help you migrate to Windows 7 quickly and effectively, with minimal impact to users' productivity.

Duration: 03:33


Once you have successfully migrated to Windows 7, ZENworks Patch Management defends your endpoints from the devastating cost of viruses without burdening your IT staff. It offers efficient security patch management that keeps your endpoints safe without all the overhead.

Migrating to Windows 7: Patch and Compliance

This short demo will show you how Patch Management within ZENworks 11 can help you to keep your new Windows 7 PC fleet working, secure, and compliant.

Duration: 03:21


Finally, improve the quality and efficiency of your IT services with Service Desk. It'll keep your IT ecosystem humming while maintaining SLAs and facilitating ITIL best practices throughout the migration process.

Migrating to Windows 7: Service Continuity

Service Desk can improve IT support services to your users and can help you track support issues relating to your Windows 7 migration.

Duration: 03:38

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