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ZENworks Migration Assurance Program

Make Your Migration Easy

ZENworks® Migration Assurance is an affordable service offering that provides the following set of onsite consulting services, training resources and technical support options:

A 5-day onsite consulting engagement

Over the course of one workweek, a highly qualified consulting expert will work closely with you to assess your organization and prepare you to migrate from ZENworks 6.5 or 7.0 to the latest version of ZENworks Configuration Management. This includes:

  • A 1-day kickoff and business assessment to align the high-level technology design with your business goals
  • A 2-day technical assessment to analyze your infrastructure and make sure your environment is capable of supporting ZENworks Configuration Management
  • A 2-day design and documentation phase to develop a high-level design and migration plan
  • A complete assessment document that details the findings of the engagement, makes specific recommendations and outlines a complete migration plan for your organization

Flexible Training Resources

After your onsite engagement is completed, ZENworks Migration Assurance provides a variety of training resources that are designed to help you make the most of ZENworks Configuration Management—without forcing you to incur additional travel costs. This includes:

  • Two 1-year OnDemand training subscriptions that provide two people in your organization with unlimited access to online training, including advanced online technical training.
  • A comprehensive self-study kit that includes detailed training content you can share with your entire desktop management and configuration team.
  • A collateral package that includes a Systems Deployment Guide, a Best Practices Guide and other useful technical information.

Ongoing Technical Support

No service offering is complete without access to flexible, high-quality technical support. The ZENworks Migration Assurance package includes a variety of different support options—depending on the size of your organization and your current business relationship. These support services are designed to help you work through any initial issues as you deploy and become familiar with your new ZENworks Configuration Management solution.

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