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New in Mobile Management 3.0

Apple Device Enrollment Program

Knox EMM / SAFE Policies

Knox Workspace Support

Apple Volume Purchase Program (iOS7+)

New in Mobile Management 2.8

For those of us with shift workers, students, or anyone other users that only need management during specific times of day—policy schedules allows the flexibility to lock down browsing and security features during the work or school hours, and release the same outside of work hours. Simply select which of your policy suites apply to which customized policy schedule.

Policy Schedules Screenshot

New iOS

Point-of-sale devices, customer kiosks, students in class—all of these may need a little extra control to make sure your devices are not used for purposes other than intended. With new iOS supervised features we can specify certain apps for App-lock mode, or "kiosk" mode. Now your POS devices will never be used for music and browsing instead of processing orders—your students will not IM each other during class time.

New IOS Supervised Mode Settings 2.7.8 Screenshot


Added support for more of what you all use beyond the basic iOS IPSec.

Supported iOS VPN clients

  • IPsec (pre-existing)
  • Cisco AnyConnect
  • Juniper SSL
  • F5 SSL
  • SonicWALL Mobile Connect
  • Aruba VIA
  • Check Point Mobile VPN
  • OpenVPN

Supported Android VPN clients

  • Cisco AnyConnect
  • F5 SSL

VPN Additions Screenshot

New in Mobile Management 2.7

Version 2.7 introduces two important features to Mobile Management: LDAP Directory support and ZENworks Control Center integration.

LDAP Directory Support

When you're managing a large workforce, you need the ability to manage by groups—not just individual users. Version 2.7 introduces LDAP Directory support to make managing groups easier than ever, including:

  • Hands-off enrollment
  • Group policy and priority assignment
  • Automatic directory updates

ZENworks Control Center Integration

ZENworks has made product integration and a single-pane-of-glass approach to Client Management a cornerstone of our entire solution. This same integration is available in Mobile Management with version 11.2.4 of the ZENworks Control Center. Now you can manage your workforce through the 1 stop location in the command center - One more great way to save time and resources you've come to expect from ZENworks.

Integration Screenshot

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