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Automated Patch Deployment

Get patches to the machines that need them quickly and safely.

In addition to providing an extensive library of pre-tested patch packages, ZENworks Patch Management gives you everything you need to deploy and verify them successfully. This includes:

  • Fast, automatic patch deployment based on pre-defined policies.
  • A wizard-based interface that simplifies the process of getting the right patches to the right endpoints quickly and efficiently.
  • Support for phased rollouts to ensure smooth, error-free patch deployments to large numbers of systems.
  • Rapid verification of patch deployments that catches deployment issues before they can become security problems.


  • Collection, analysis and pre-testing Use ZENworks Patch Management to provide ongoing endpoint protection by identifying, analyzing, and pre-testing patches for your endpoints. Protect your business from security breaches by protecting your endpoints.Read more
  • Dynamic reporting shows you all the details ZENworks Patch Management includes a powerful security reporting engine and dynamic, dashboard style reports that combine to offer you a detailed view of patch compliance.Read more

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