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Reduce Your Risk

Worrying about hackers and breaches doesn’t make you neurotic, but it does mean you’re working when you don’t have to. ZENworks can automatically enforce your security.


Dynamic Security Levels

You can’t follow your users around, but with ZENworks®, your security can. ZENworks offers dynamic, automated protection that changes based on where your users are. Automatically give users more access while in the home office and lock things down when they’re on unsecure wireless connections.

Patch in Your Sleep

Take your team out of the manual patch business with ZENworks automation. ZENworks policies help you apply required updates and patches automatically, so your endpoint devices are always up-to-date and compliant without manual intervention.

Don’t Fool Yourself with Full Disk Encryption

ZENworks provides both full-disk and file and folder encryption. If you only have full-disk encryption, users can still plug in a USB drive and pull out files you don’t want roaming free.

Protect Yourself

You’re doing your best to protect your organization. ZENworks can help protect you by tracking all the changes in the management console. This keeps you safe from audits and accidents. ZENworks also allows you to create roles which define access and control and then quickly apply those roles to specific administrators.

Control Your Apps

"By installing and managing software on the server and then distributing specific applications to specific groups of users we are greatly reducing the risk of unlicensed software use." - The Municipality of Voorschoten. ZENworks can help you do the same, and more.
Hassan Akhiat,
Senior IT Policy Advisor
Municipality of Voorschoten.

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"We needed to protect our network against viruses, hackers and a host of threats to our business. With ZENworks Endpoint Security Management, we get the best of both worlds: traveling users have the freedom they need for remote access and we have peace of mind that our network isn’t at risk."

Laura Davis
Technology Lead
Woolpert, Inc.

"As we face up to the challenge of new ways of working, supports us with outstanding technology for managing security. With Mobile Management, we have a single pane of glass for all mobile devices."

Ben Shirley
ICT Infrastructure Team Leader
North Devon Council

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