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All vendors claim their products will save you money. Can they back it up? Here’s our argument.


Keep Your Cash

Solutions that make you buy unnecessary hardware stink. ZENworks® is the king of interoperability. It works with Micro Focus eDirectory and Microsoft Active Directory. Its server software can run on Windows or Linux. Use the database of your choice, including Sybase, Oracle and MS SQL. Manage Windows, Linux and Mac devices.

Simplify Your Software Math

Consider your software inventory: take a 1000-user perpetual license, subtract 300 mobile-user licenses, add suite discounting and what do you get? One big, fat question mark. Let ZENworks do all the tracking and the math. With proper asset management, you can sit back and pay only for what you use.

Lower Your Electric Bills

All those endpoints sure drink a lot of juice. Reduce your power consumption and your electric bill with power management. Create policies that automatically control settings so you’re not always turning off the lights.

Spend Half What Your Competition Does

"In fact, our IT department is now running at half the cost, as a percentage of revenue, of many of our retail peers. Employing high value solutions like ZENworks Configuration Management is one key way we achieve this."
James Sims,
Chief Information Officer
Save Mart Supermarkets

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"Without ZENworks, we would have had to add head count. Today, we've added more machines, more software and larger installs, yet we can still manage all this with one IT person."

Jacob Pitcher
Networked Application Specialist
Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne

"In the past, we were over-reporting license numbers to ensure that we were compliant. ZENworks Asset Management gives us a completely clear picture of our software licensing requirements, with no manual effort."

Inge Hansson
Karlstad Kommun

"Endpoint Management solutions will make it possible for us to do more with less money and effort. This is very important as we have strict budget restrictions."

Paul Van Den Hout
ICMT Operations Manager
Catharina Ziekenhuis

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