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Stop Wasting Time

You can’t add hours to your day, but you can buy ZENworks, which is just as good.


A Single Control Panel

All ZENworks® Platform products feature the ZENworks Control Center: A centralized browser-based interface that features system dashboards, workflows for building and deploying policies, hot lists and other tools that provide easy access to important tasks and device information.

Cut Travel Time

ZENworks offers policy-based automation of the entire desktop system lifecycle, including device configuration, imaging, inventory, remote management and software maintenance. Using ZENworks, Johnsonville Sausage reduced its IT team’s travel time by 90%.

Deploy and Provision Easily

Unlike its competitors, ZENworks does not use multiple agents to configure and control devices. Using management and deployment independent of the agent is one of the ways Save Mart Supermarkets cut desktop provisioning from a week to just one day.

Don’t Waste Man-Hours on Application Conflicts

“By virtualizing applications so that they run in isolated capsules, the solution eliminates this issue, enabling us to quickly deploy new applications with no concerns about instability for users. When we have fully adopted the solution, we estimate that we will save around 1,000 man-hours per year.”
Jean-Marc Bertrand,
Workstation Infrastructure Manager


ZENworks doesn’t make you go hunting for information to manage your assets. It auto-discovers the devices in your system, then proactively notifies you of software and device changes. Plus, ZENworks is smart enough to categorize software by type and know which products fit under a single suite license.

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"With ZENworks, we can build new workstations up to ten times faster."

Matt Sollie
Systems Analyst
RBF Consulting

"Previously, troubleshooting system problems consumed a good deal of second- and third-level support time. Today we can deliver value faster by using the remote control functionality in ZENworks Configuration Management, which allows our support personnel to take over a user's machine and swiftly resolve the issue. This results in a huge improvement in first call resolution."

Alvaro Espinoza
Senior Director of IT Operations
Save Mart Supermarkets

"The rollout of new patches or software updates has been made supremely easy with ZENworks Configuration Management. If our devices require new patches, we are able to deliver these quickly and efficiently overnight, without causing any disruption to users."

Simon Rees
Technical Services Manager
Holman Fenwick Willan LLP

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