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Introducing ZENworks 11 SP4

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What's New in ZENworks SP4

Simplified virtual appliance deployment

ZENworks® 11 SP4 introduces a brand new virtual appliance that simplifies the deployment of ZENworks Primary Servers. Plus, a new appliance web console makes configuring and managing the SUSE Linux Enterprise-based appliance easy. The appliance acts like a black box on your network, providing essential ZENworks services to your users.

Improved reporting

ZENworks 11 SP4 provides an updated release of ZENworks Reporting in a virtual appliance form factor, making deployment a snap. The new version of the underlying reporting engine offers numerous enhancements, including performance improvements, the ability to create custom forms and measures, new chart types, and much more.

Easier management of ZENworks SSL certificates

The new SSL management capabilities allow you to easily back up, restore, move and remint server and certificate authority certificates from the ZENworks Control Center.

Improved agent update

ZENworks 11 SP4 decouples the agent-side system update capabilities from the ZENworks adaptive agent. As a result, agent updates are more reliable and the updater service is self-healing. This update also provides an easy way to reset or repair the agent if needed.

Improved remote management capabilities

ZENworks 11 SP4 provides the latest version of remote management capabilities based on TightVNC, with the security you've come to expect. It also provides the ability to manage devices remotely even if the ZENworks agent service isn't running on the device.

Improved license consumption tracking

ZENworks Asset Management now provides the ability to connect to GroupWise® 2014 and Open Enterprise Server to determine license consumption and reconcile consumption against purchase data. This improved tracking capability provides crucial guidance related to fulfilling license compliance.

Selective encryption of USB devices

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management now allows you to selectively encrypt USB devices.

In addition to these valuable features, we also added a number of smaller customer-requested enhancements to this release. Take time today to try out the best version of ZENworks yet!

New Features in ZENworks SP3

Improved Scale and Performance

ZENworks now scales to 100,000 devices per zone with Oracle Enterprise. We’ve also improved the number of devices per server to help you increase performance and reduce hardware requirements.

Enhanced Scaling

Enhanced Scaling


Are you in a highly-regulated environment? Want a change history of events? We hear you. ZENworks can now track changes made in the management console, remote management operations and files written to removable drives.

Auditing Capabilities

Auditing Capabilities

Multizone Content Sharing

Now you can share bundles and policies between two or more ZENworks zones. If you have a test and production zone, this can reduce the overhead associated with creating bundles and policies in both. This also helps if you’re a single administrator working with multiple office branches or districts.



ZENworks Reporting

Our new reporting engine is lighter-weight, faster and makes it easier to build reports and dashboards to show the business value of ZENworks. We’ve also opened a new Cool Solutions reporting vault where you can pick up tips and share what you’ve done with others.



Improved Rights-Based Management

Control which users, groups, bundles and policies an administrator can see. New system-update rights allow you to delegate control of when to deploy system updates.

Enhanced Remote Control / Join Proxy

Now you can remote control your clients even if they are behind a network address translation (NAT) connection. This means you can now remote manage devices at an employee’s home or in a hotel, so you can manage things for all your road warriors.

Enhanced Remote Management / Join Proxy

Enhanced Remote Management / Join Proxy

New Diagnostics

The new ZENworks diagnostics dashboard gives you a way to quickly identify issues with the ZENworks database, LDAP user source or primary servers. You can drill down to the ZENworks processes on any server for advanced troubleshooting, including viewing current threads, doing thread dumps, and monitoring request and response times.



Patch Management Policies

You can now define the desired state of your workstations and define maintenance windows for when patches can be applied. Once this is done ZENworks automates the entire process of keeping devices in your desired state.

Patch Policies

Patch Policies

Imaging Enhancements

ZENworks can now image newer hardware certified for Windows 8 running in native UEFI mode. It also supports new Windows 8 versions of Windows deployment tools. And because you asked so nicely, you can now easily build a USB stick for booting to the ZENworks imaging environment.



Encryption Support for OPAL

ZENworks now supports managing OPAL devices. OPAL is a new standard for hardware encryption.

Improved Software Inventory

ZENworks can now provide more accurate software inventory while still giving additional information, such as suite components, for fingerprinted software. With inventory pruning you also get better control of how much historical data is kept relative to the inventory changes and software usage tracking data in the database.



Enhanced OS Support

ZENworks now provides full support for Windows 8 including new capabilities such as the Windows 8 start menu and virtual smartcard, new power management policy settings, and Windows group policy. ZENworks also supports more platforms, including:

  • SQL 2012
  • Oracle Enterprise
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3
  • Windows 2012
  • Windows 8 Professional and Enterprise
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4

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