So you bought the product and got it installed. Now what? Don't worry, we don't leave you hanging. We've got world-class training, results-driven consulting, and round-the-clock support at your beck and call. We're here for you.

On 03-Nov-2014, Micro Focus International merged with The Attachmate Group. Attachmate Technical Support remains unchanged.

You don't have to go IT alone – we're here for you.

Whether you run a small business or manage the operations for a large international corporation, you can count on Novell's support resources to help you make IT work as one so you can manage cost, reduce complexity, and mitigate risk.

Our award-winning support web site provides access to an extensive supply of self-support resources. Search the Novell Knowledgebase—built by Novell support engineers and partners over years of trouble-shooting and resolving the problems of real customers.

Keep your systems current by downloading the latest patches and security updates. Browse Novell documentation containing detailed, illustrated and easy-to-follow instructions for installing products and deploying systems.

Tap into the knowledge and experience of system administrators, consultants and engineers around the world, 24/7 in our Novell Forums, where you can ask questions, get advice, or share your own experiences. And when you need to speak to a Novell support engineer, we have an outstanding team of certified professionals ready and willing to assist you with your most critical issues.

Check out our industry-leading support programs to ensure you have the right level of access to Novell support resources when you need it most.

All Technical Support packages expire 12 months after date of purchase.

Enhance your most valuable resource—your people.

Novell Training Services provides you a full spectrum of certification and training opportunities to support your Novell solutions. With Novell certification and training, you and your staff will be fully prepared to meet the complexities and challenges of managing your network. From introductory training for those just starting out to Advanced Technical Training (ATT) for the well-versed engineer—Novell Training Services can provide you the training you need.

Training Services has full courseware catalog you can choose from too. We recognize that some people learn better in a classroom setting with an experienced instructor to answer questions—and others learn more effectively by tackling new materials on their own with plenty of time to review and try out different solutions. Whatever your style or method of learning—from instructor-led, customized training to self-paced, self-study kits—Training Services has you covered. And with Novell Authorized Training Partners delivering training all over the world—you are sure to find training in your area!

With training and Novell—your network and your business are sure to succeed.

The technology comes in a box – the solution doesn't.

Why Novell Consulting? Novell Consulting is a team of highly skilled professionals focused on helping you maximize the value from your Novell investment—from Identity Management to Linux Virtualization—and everything in between. We provide you with the tools, expertise and experience to help your business grow, reduce your overall costs, and simplify your IT environment.

Track and manage everything Novell in one place.

Easily manage your business and technical interactions with Novell from one location: Novell Customer Center. Review the status of your Novell product entitlements, licenses, subscriptions and services from a single, intuitive interface. Obtain critical system updates, patches, documentation and detailed product information.

Access Novell's award winning support services online for timely assistance with your most pressing technical issues. Utilize Novell's valuable training content to increase product knowledge and track certification history to ensure your staff is equipped for success.

Leverage the innovative tools and automated services you need to ensure licensing compliance, to reduce systems-management costs and to help make informed business decisions.

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