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Security Management solutions from Novell have proven efficient and effective for organizations that need to collect security information to protect against targeted security threats, decrease risk, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Novell provides innovative and powerful log management, and includes the most robust, scalable, and mature SIEM product in the market, trusted and proven in some of the world's largest organizations.


Log Management

Novell Security Management helps you reduce the cost and complexity of collecting, archiving, and reporting on log data for compliance and security. Your IT infrastructure generates a torrent of log data. Your event logs contain a wealth of information that can be used to pinpoint weak points in an infrastructure, check who accessed certain data, or prove compliance with regulations.

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Security Monitoring and Remediation

Security Management includes Novell Sentinel™, a high-performance security information event management (SIEM) tool that helps you meet today's security challenges head-on. You are fighting a losing battle to protect your electronic assets against fraudsters, glory-seeking hackers, and even your own employees. It's time to take a fundamentally new approach to security. You need to focus on controlling and monitoring access to the resources which are important to your business.

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WorkloadIQ Secure Solution

This WorkloadIQ™ solution secures your infrastructure by delivering effective log management, monitoring and remediation.

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SANS Review of Novell Sentinel Log Manager Watch this short video to see how you can remove traditional pain points with Sentinel Log Manager

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