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bwin Group

bwin Group - Using Novell Sentinel to monitor its network in real time, bwin improved security, reduced administrative effort and more easily demonstrated compliance with the PCI-DSS.

U.S. Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command

U.S. Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command - Using Novell Sentinel as part of its PROMETHEUS system, the U.S. Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command has automated and centralized security monitoring across hundreds of diverse locations worldwide.

Telecom Argentina

Telecom Argentina - To improve Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, Telecom Argentina implemented Novell Sentinel to provide integrated monitoring of more than 200 devices.

Cite Media Holding Group

Cite Media Holding Group - By implementing Novell Sentinel on SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server, Cite Media Holding Group has created a centralised network security monitoring solution that enables faster and more effective response to emerging security threats.

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  • SIEM and IAM Technology Integration
    Gartner recommends that you evaluate the level of integration that your SIEM solution has with IAM technology, so maybe it's time to take a look at a security management tool that's done the work for you.

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