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To enable the expansion of its SAP applications, Dynaplast migrated to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on industry-standard Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX920 servers, lowering TCO and boosting SAP performance.

About Dynaplast

PT Dynaplast Tbk is the leading manufacturer of quality rigid plastic packaging in Indonesia. From 14 production centres in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, the company manufactures and distributes packaging for food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and lubricants, as well as precision plastic components for the automotive, electrical appliances, consumer goods, electronics and computer industries.


Dynaplast was using a range of SAP applications on proprietary servers running a vendor-specific version of the UNIX operating system.

As new applications were added and data volumes grew, server performance was falling behind the business needs. To avoid impacting response time for users during working hours, the processing required for month-end financial closing had to be run during weekends only. Backup runs, also completed at weekends, were gradually extending beyond two hours. At some point the existing servers would not be able to provide sufficient day-to-day performance or processing capacity to meet the weekend tasks.

Dynaplast was taking advantage of new SAP software releases as they became available, both to keep systems current and to exploit new functionality. The growing processing workload for the new SAP solutions also demanded a new server infrastructure.

"We wanted to solve the performance and backup issues, and reduce the total costs of ownership," said Mercia Saptawati Natio, IT Division Head, Dynaplast. "We looked at continuing with our existing platform, or migrating to Linux on industry-standard hardware."


Dynaplast engaged Fujitsu Indonesia to review the options. While staying with the existing vendor might minimise the migration risk, this would mean continued lock-in to a closed platform.

Fujitsu Indonesia recommended migrating to PRIMERGY BX920 servers with SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server, which would reduce acquisition costs and greatly increase the choice of possible suppliers.

"Having chosen the Linux route in principle, we chose Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers and ETERNUS storage with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server because this operating system is certified for SAP applications, and because there is a very large user community that has successfully deployed the SAP and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server combination on Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers and ETERNUS storage," said Mercia Saptawati Natio. "The solution enabled us to reduce our hardware acquisition costs, cut ongoing maintenance costs and reduce our operating system licence costs."

Fujitsu Indonesia implemented four new Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX920 servers, and as part of the service completed a number of test migrations for both the SAP applications and the Oracle database before the final cutover.

The new landscape features three SAP R/3 Enterprise application servers supporting 175 users spread across seven locations, and an Oracle 10g database server that also runs SAP Solution Manager. Fujitsu Indonesia used SUSE Linux Enterprise Server clustering to create a resilient solution; if an individual server should fail, the SAP production services will continue uninterrupted.

"We considered that the Linux environment would be much easier and lower cost to support than a proprietary UNIX solution," said Budi Kurniawan, IT Department Head, Dynaplast. "We also wanted to avoid vendor lock-in to specific hardware. This combination justified the potentially more difficult migration, which in practice was completed easily within one week."


With the new SAP applications running on PRIMERGY servers and ETERNUS storage with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Dynaplast has resolved its performance and backup window challenges.

Month-end financial processing can be completed concurrently during normal production, with no impact on user response times, and consolidated figures are available to management within a few days. Total backup times have decreased to around 30 minutes, allowing Dynaplast to take more-frequent daily backups to help protect the business. In addition, the high availability clustering features of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server provide a high level of protection against hardware faults.

"As SUSE Linux Enterprise Server can be installed on any industry-standard server, it keeps our options open for the future," said Ananto Nugroho, Technical Support and SAP Basis Administrator, Dynaplast. "The combination of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and the Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers has improved transaction response times, enhancing user efficiency."

Dynaplast will be updating its SAP R/3 Enterprise solution to SAP ERP applications, with the latest Enterprise Core Components. If the new SAP software requires additional computing capacity, Dynaplast will be able to specify appropriate new hardware and source it from the most competitive supplier, helping to reduce costs and increase business flexibility.

"As we move to the latest version of the SAP solutions, we have the capability to grow our capacity exactly as required," said Mercia Saptawati Natio. "Since we migrated to Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, we have experienced lower hardware costs, lower maintenance costs and greater flexibility, all of which help us achieve our business targets for the future."

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