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Electricidad de Caracas

Electricidad de Caracas (EDC) uses Identity Manager to control access to its applications, giving each user a single digital identity across all systems, and enabling single sign-on.

Electricidad de Caracas

Electricidad de Caracas (EDC), which is part of the National Electric Corporation of Venezuela, CORPOELEC, has supplied electricity to the Greater Caracas area in Venezuela for 115 years and is today responsible for more than a million connections. EDC employs 4,000 people across five thermoelectric plants and a number of affiliate companies.


With each major business system at EDC requiring a separate username and password, end users found it difficult to remember their login credentials. As a result, a significant number of calls to the IT help desk were password-related, causing delays and frustration both for the users and for the support team.

The IT team was maintaining three distinct repositories of user information for its 4,000 employees. The need to manually synchronize changes across the repositories created a large volume of repetitive, low-value administrative work. It also caused delays in setting up new users or changing access permissions, and made it difficult to ensure that former employees' user accounts were quickly and reliably deleted from the network.

EDC set out to create a central repository for all digital identities, in order to improve the management of users and simplify their access to corporate applications.


"We selected Identity Manager as the best solution for integrating our fragmented systems and providing the security, flexibility and control we needed," said Winston Ortega, IT Security Manager at Electricidad de Caracas. "The solution represented excellent value for money, and provided all the interoperability we required."

Consulting® Sevices worked with Securnet, a local partner and identity management specialist, to complete the implementation in only six months. The joint team leveraged Identity Manager to migrate all identity data from EDC's previous repositories to a new metadirectory.

"We could not believe how smooth the transition was—Novell (now a part of Micro Focus) and Securnet worked seamlessly together, and the pre-built connectors in Identity Manager helped ensure that no installation issues that impacted our normal business operations," said Ortega. "Equally, it was easy to set up the automated workflows for user provisioning, so we could rapidly tailor the solution to our exact requirements."

Identity Manager works to unify digital identities, automatically synchronizing user information across all connected systems—including the company's SAP ERP solution—to ensure that any changes, additions or deletions are immediately reflected. In addition to significantly reducing the administrative effort for the IT team at EDC, the automation of common user management tasks such as provisioning ensures greater accuracy and reduces the risk of human error.

End users also benefit from having to remember only a single set of credentials to access all the main systems at EDC. Identity Manager provides a portal for password self-service, enabling users to reset and change their passwords without any input from the IT helpdesk.

"The solution enabled us to synchronize the dispersed user account information for the various applications we run, and to create a single sign-on solution," said Ortega. "In addition to simplifying and accelerating access to corporate systems, the solution has freed up IT staff from routine administration and reduced the chance of security breaches."


The deployment of Identity Manager has given EDC a single, central point of control for identity and access management, standardizing and streamlining its user management processes. The solution enables IT staff more easily to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to certain applications.

"Gone is the administrative and logistical nightmare that was our old system—and in its place we have reliable, automated user management," said Ortega. "With the solution, user profiles are no longer duplicated, so we can control all permissions and access rights for each user in a single place."

Identity Manager automates the provisioning of new users, taking the relevant data from the HR system to create the username, password and e-mail address for each new employee. The solution also assigns access rights to the standard corporate systems. This not only saves time and effort for the IT team—it also provides a faster and more professional service to the users. When an employee leaves the company, the IT administrator can remove access rights almost instantly across all systems, eliminating the risk of security breaches.

"Thanks to Identity Manager, EDC has successfully overhauled its identity management processes, increasing efficiency and user satisfaction," said Ortega. "By providing a standardized, centralized structure for user and access management, the solution saves an estimated 40 percent in time and effort, and enables us to provide a more responsive and higher-quality service to the business."

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