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Fraport AG is using an Identity and Security Management solution to manage approximately 10,000 employees and partners, for rapid and secure control of access rights.

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About Fraport

Fraport AG operates Frankfurt Airport in Germany, the world's eighth largest by passenger numbers and seventh largest by freight tonnage. The company employs more than 19,000 people, while the airport itself is the largest single employment location in the country, with 70,000 employees from 500 companies. Fraport also runs the smaller Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, Peru's Lima Airport (LIM), Varna and Burgas airports in Bulgaria, and Terminal 1 of Antalya Airport in Turkey.


Fraport is engaged in a long-term project to realise its vision of "Frankfurt Airport City", which sees the airport not only as a major transportation hub but also as an outstanding location for business and retail.

Creating the airport of the future requires Fraport to work with numerous external partners and to undergo rapid expansion. To manage this growth phase and support the future organisational structure, Fraport needed a flexible and scalable framework for identity and security management. It was crucial to ensure compliance with external regulations and internal security policies while enabling full operational efficiency.

As the airport's business activities cover a range of fields-logistics, transport, retail, facility management, real estate services-Fraport needed to create a hub for identity management that would enable rapid provisioning and deprovisioning of access across numerous different systems and applications.


Fraport selected Identity Manager as the foundation for identity consolidation, validation and management across its complex and diverse organisational structure. Our solution manages around 10,000 employees, providing a single point of control for identities and enabling secure connectivity to IT resources.

"The key for Fraport was to create a single solution that could address all requirements around identity and security management," said Dr. Roland Krieg, CIO, Fraport AG. "Identity Manager provides exactly this: a single, integrated solution for authentication, authorisation, identity consolidation, and rapid, role-based provisioning."

As part of its ongoing transformation, Fraport is adding a major third terminal to Frankfurt Airport, which involves investing €4 billion and increasing staffing levels to significantly. Identity Manager will scale to encompass all of these users, enabling Fraport to rapidly provision temporary external contractors, then to securely deprovision their access rights when their work is complete.

"Effective security depends on controlled processes to provide approved access rights at the point of need," said Norbert Richter, Senior Manager, Fraport AG. "Identity Manager enables us to manage a large and frequently changing group of users securely, rapidly and with minimal manual effort."

Our solution optimizes user management tasks, and automatically synchronises changes across all relevant systems. It also provides a clear view of responsibilities for external contractors, and enables the linkage of user identities to business cost centres such as printing services.

As Fraport increases the number of applications and functional areas integrated into the identity management solution, and as regulatory requirements grow, the company will introduce role-based provisioning, with approval workflows secured using smartcards.

Fraport continues to work closely with Consulting Services as it develops and extends this cutting-edge solution.


Identity Manager enables Fraport to achieve both operational efficiency and high security across its complex, rapidly growing organisational structure. The solution increases the consistency and accuracy of identity data, streamlines identity management processes, and enables the precise provision of access rights according to business requirements.

"Identity Manager enables us to get new users up and running much faster and at significantly lower cost than before," said Richter. "The solution provides clear, fully auditable approval workflows similar to our existing SAP workflows, and the built-in automation ensures that our corporate security policies are applied reliably."

Fraport currently outsources the majority of its IT services to a third party, and there is a direct cost for every helpdesk call and for setting up each new user. "With Identity Manager, we can assign access rights at the touch of a button and our users can reset their own passwords," said Richter. "Cost reduction is by no means the aim of our identity management project, but the Novell (now a part of Micro Focus) solution is enabling us to make considerably annual savings in third-party fees."

In terms of the larger strategic picture, Identity Manager supports Fraport's ambitious growth plans by making it easy to work with large numbers of temporary external contractors.

"With strong support from Novell, we have built a flexible, powerful foundation for delivering fast and secure identity management," said Krieg. "The flexibility and modular structure of Identity Manager makes it the most cost-effective and scalable solution for our challenging requirements."

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