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Grupo Godó

Grupo Godó chose Identity Manager to centralize user management and comply with Spanish data protection legislation, significantly reducing IT overhead and enforcing a higher level of security.

About Grupo Godó

Grupo Godó is a leading media communications group based in Cataluña, Spain. Founded in 1881, the group's best-known publication is the newspaper 'La Vanguardia', one of the best-selling daily papers in Spain. Grupo Godó focuses on the circulation of information using a wide range of media, both print and digital.


Grupo Godó's diverse range of commercial activities in the media sector means that the different divisions of the company use different IT systems, with a variety of user directories and authentication processes.

With no central repository of user identities, the management of 1,300 users across Grupo Godó's heterogeneous IT environment was a complex task for IT staff.

"The management of our user communities required the expertise of five IT administrators who would spend 10 percent of their working hours performing user management related tasks," said Josep Manel Pulpillo Lopez, Chief Administrator of Systems, Grupo Godó.

"Working in the media industry, we employ a large number of freelancers who require temporary access to our systems," said Pulpillo. "Manually provisioning all these new users with user accounts on the relevant IT systems was a particularly time-consuming exercise."

Moreover, Grupo Godó needed to ensure compliance with the recent Spanish Data Protection Act. "One of the law's requirements is that users should be responsible for the management of their own passwords. This meant that our user management practices needed to be radically updated, as our users were entirely dependent on IT staff for the distribution of new passwords," said Pulpillo.


Requiring a robust, flexible solution which would unify the different repositories of current users at the company, Grupo Godó opted to implement Identity Manager.

"We initially considered an IBM* Tivoli* solution, but ultimately felt that Identity Manager offered a higher level of interoperability," said Pulpillo. "This was the most important consideration for us since we were deploying the solution in a heterogeneous IT environment."

The Identity Manager solution was implemented over a period of four months with the help of Partner, Identitat Digital IT Consulting.

"Identitat Digital supported us throughout the implementation process and our relationship has been very positive and collaborative," said Pulpillo.

Identity Manager has enabled the central administration of all users at Grupo Godó. The solution combines the company's disparate user repositories to create a central repository encompassing all 1,300 users across all IT systems. Users now benefit from a single sign-on system and have just one password which identifies them on all current Grupo Godó IT systems and applications.

While IT administrators were previously responsible for distributing new passwords to users via email or face-to-face, Identity Manager's self-service password reset portal grants users the autonomy to self-manage their personal information.

Identity Manager also automates the previously manual process of provisioning users at the company.

"As soon as a new user is added to our system, an identity is automatically generated and the new employee is assigned a user name, password and e-mail account," said Pulpillo. "We've also started using role-based provisioning, which grants employees access to the resources which correspond with their position in the company."

In addition, Identity Manager automatically highlights inactive user accounts for removal and revokes access to systems for employees leaving the company, ensuring that information is protected from unauthorized access.


The implementation of Identity Manager has enabled Grupo Godó to enforce a higher level of security in user management processes. Crucially, Identity Manager's self-service password capabilities and single sign-on functionality have improved password management policies at the company, and thus enabled Grupo Godó to meet the legal requirements of the Spanish Data Protection Act.

Identity Manager has simplified the user management processes at Grupo Godó to the extent that the company now requires only one IT administrator to complete user management-related tasks.

"Before we would have five IT administrators regularly working on user management-related issues, now just one member of our team dedicates about 25 percent of his working hours to centrally managing our users."

In particular, there has been a substantial workload reduction in the provisioning of new user accounts.

"It now takes about half an hour for a new user account to be created; a fifth of the time it used to take. Given our very high rotation of users, this adds up to a considerable number of hours saved for IT staff."

Identity Manager has also improved the productivity of users at the company.

"Our users are far less likely to forget their passwords now that they are only need to remember one set of log-in details," said Pulpillo. "If they do forget their passwords they no longer have to wait an hour or two for the IT department to assist them, but instead they can use the self-service password reset portal and continue with their work immediately," said Pulpillo. "Overall we have been very impressed with the flexibility of Identity Manager and feel that it has been a highly profitable addition to our IT landscape."

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