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Hartford Hospital

With our solutions, the hospital has created a stable infrastructure and has reduced IT administration and travel time by 90 percent.

About Hartford Hospital

Hartford Hospital is one of the largest teaching hospitals and tertiary care centers in New England with perhaps the region's busiest surgery practice. The hospital is an 867-bed regional referral center that provides high-quality care in all clinical disciplines and is one of the top 10 hospitals in the U.S. for cardiovascular surgery.


Hospitals offer critical patient care 24/7 and require a highly stable and reliable IT infrastructure. Hartford Hospital needed a highly available network platform, as well as a stable collaboration platform for 17,000 users. The hospital's employees and 900 doctors also require secure access to applications, whether working in the hospital or off site.

The hospital's small IT staff was spending much of its time traveling to nearly 5,000 individual workstations to install updates or troubleshoot issues. For large application rollouts, the hospital would have to hire additional staff. Centralizing desktop management would allow a small IT staff to keep the enterprise updated, without having to leave their desks.


Hartford Hospital is migrating many of its NetWare® and Microsoft Windows servers to Open Enterprise Server running SUSE® Linux Enterprise.

"We wanted to move to Linux and Open Enterprise Server to gives us the networking functionality we are accustomed to with NetWare on a Linux platform," said Fernando Seguro, manager of Systems Engineering at Hartford Hospital. "SUSE Linux Enterprise Server gives us enormous flexibility with the ability to leverage open source applications, as well as build our own."

Hartford Hospital implemented Open Enterprise Server running on SUSE Linux Enterprise for its file and printing services, as well as Clustering ServicesTM for high availability. The hospital is also running a number of applications on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, including GroupWise®, and a variety of open source applications and tools including JBoss, Apache, Tomcat, MySQL and PERL.

The hospital is using both Xen virtualization and VMware ESX to consolidate its environment by virtualizing servers as much as possible.

Identity Manager synchronizes user names and passwords across Micro Focus eDirectoryTM, Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP-enabled applications. SecureLogin provides users with single sign-on access to applications and Access ManagerTM provides secure authentication to the hospital's portal.

With ZENworks®, the hospital has standardized nearly 5,000 workstations and can manage them from a central location. One administrator can now prepare and distribute new applications and updates in a matter of days, rather than weeks or months. Using remote control, the helpdesk can respond immediately to user requests without having to visit a workstation.

"The ease of management with ZENworks can't be beat," said Seguro. "We work with hundreds of applications, but one administrator can do dozens of application rollouts and updates a year–without any additional IT help. We couldn't manage our environment in any other way."

GroupWise is the collaboration tool of choice for 17,000 users at Hartford Hospital and throughout Hartford Health Care. GroupWise Messenger is especially popular for mobile users, such as nutritionists who can communicate with colleagues via secure instant messaging while traveling around with their laptops visiting patients.

"With GroupWise, we only need one administrator to manage 17,000 users across five hospitals," said Seguro. "We would need at least 5-10 administrators with any other system, plus double the hardware costs."

GroupWise Mobile Server supports mobile users with Palm and Windows mobile devices, and GroupWise BlackBerry Server supports the hospital's 300 BlackBerry users.

"Our GroupWise server had been running for 400 days before we had to take it down to apply a patch," said Seguro. "In contrast, we have to reboot our Windows servers monthly."


Our solutions are helping Hartford Hospital cope with budget cuts by allowing a small IT staff to do more for its users, without additional IT help. Open Enterprise Server and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server provide a stable infrastructure and the opportunity to reduce hardware costs by consolidating 20 percent of its servers to date.

Our identity management solutions reduce routine user administration and provide users with secure, single sign-on to applications. The hospital has reduced IT administration and travel time by 90 percent with one administrator for ZENworks who can manage all its workstations from a central location. With the stability of GroupWise, one administrator can manage e-mail and collaboration for 17,000 users.

"When we can't hire more staff or invest in more hardware, we have to make do with what we have," said Seguro. "Novell (now a part of Micro Focus) solutions allow us to actually do more with less. Novell has saved us a lot of money and our investment continues to pay off."

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