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With the SUSE Studio Appliance Template for Ingres Database, independent software vendors can slash appliance setup time and deliver value-added solutions faster and with less risk than ever before.


Ingres is the leading open source database management company. It is the world's second largest open source company and the pioneer of the New Economics of IT, a business model that offers companies new, more flexible ways to acquire and use software. Ingres provides open source solutions at a dramatically lower cost than proprietary software vendors. As a leader in open source software, Ingres delivers accelerated innovation to more than 10,000 customers worldwide.


Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are always looking to spark innovation and accelerate sales cycles amidst tight timelines and budget constraints. "Gone are the days when you can take six months to develop a proof of concept," said J. Tyler McGraw, senior consultant at Ingres Corporation. "ISVs need to develop solutions in a very tight timeframe and immediately deliver benefits. They simply can't afford to get bogged down in configuring the operating system or resolving a database problem."


The SUSE® Appliance Program provides technology, support and go-to-market resources for ISVs who want to build fully supported and easy-to-manage software solutions. As a leading partner in the SUSE Appliance Program, Ingres Corporation is fostering the growth of this new form of application delivery: the software appliance.

Together, the companies have developed the SUSE Studio Appliance Template for Ingres Database—giving ISVs the ability to create appliances using SUSE Studio in minutes.

By providing an enterprise-class database and operating system in an appliance form factor, an ISV (or SI) can integrate their applications easily with this seamless on-ramp and get to market with a software appliance faster than ever.

The SUSE Studio Appliance Template for Ingres Database also gives ISVs and SIs access to:

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise JeOS, a slimmed-down, fully supported configuration of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, which improves performance and manageability
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Amazon EC2, a configuration of SUSE Linux Enterprise designed to operate and support applications in the cloud
  • Ingres Database-an enterprise-class, open source database for business-critical applications
  • Award-winning support for appliances
  • Free evaluation redistribution that simplifies appliance proof of concepts and demos
  • Extensive go-to-market resources


Taking advantage of software appliances with the SUSE Studio Appliance Template for Ingres Database allows ISVs to radically improve their total cost of ownership for the end customer. By leveraging the appliance model, ISVs can offer many end users an opportunity previously unavailable: best-in-class software applications without extra services overhead and expense. "We expect that ISVs and SIs will be able to cut appliance setup and build times by 75-80 percent," said Deb Woods, vice president of Product Management for Ingres Corporation. "Delivering value faster makes them much more competitive and opens up new market opportunities."

Ingres ISVs have found SUSE Studio very easy to use. "They can literally put together an appliance in minutes, and quickly deliver patches through integrated maintenance," McGraw said. "That's a big payoff."

The Studio Appliance Template for Ingres Database levels the playing field for small- to medium-sized software vendors. "Our ISVs and Sis have the competitive advantage of a nimble go-to-market strategy," McGraw said. "They can seize an opportunity and quickly get a new solution to market, adding their expertise instead of worrying about the back-end database or operating system. This frees them to be more strategic about delivering added value. Without the burden of time-consuming OS and database challenges, they have more time to focus to focus on meeting the needs of their customers."

End users benefit from more product features and the confidence of a solution. "Previously end users had to go to multiple companies to pull together an open source solution," Woods said. "The SUSE Appliance Program eliminates this stumbling block, making it easier to consume open source solutions with proven support resources wrapped around them. This will drive even greater adoption of open source."

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