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Mexico's Tax Administration Service (Servicio de Administracion Tributaria)

When Mexico's Tax Administration Service (SAT), set out to bring its federal tax collection and investigation systems online, it turned to us to manage the identities of its 9 million taxpayers and provide secure Web access to enable online transactions.

About Mexico's Tax Administration Service (Servicio de Administracion Tributaria)

SAT is Mexico's tax collection agency and administers the country's tax laws. The agency's 35,000 employees assist citizens with complying with tax laws.


Tax filings had been handled manually across disparate offices around the country, making the process inordinately complex and time-consuming. SAT decided to centralize the process and bring the tax filing process online. However, without a valid, consistent individual identification number across each of SAT's systems, it was difficult to verify the identity of its 9 million taxpayers.

SAT needed a way to create a single identity for each taxpayer and centrally manage these in a secure manner.


After considering several solutions, including Microsoft, IBM and Sun, SAT chose our Compliance Management Platform which tightly integrates identity, access and security management capabilities. This combination enables secure, Web-based single sign-on for its taxpayers, with granular access controls to sensitive data and the ability to fully monitor all related events.

"Novell (now a part of Micro Focus) had the most mature solution on the market," said IvŠn Ivanov, identity management administrator for SAT. "The Compliance Management Platform also proved to be the most flexible solution that integrated easily with our PeopleSoft environment. This gave us the confidence that Novell could provide a holistic solution across all of our identities and platforms."

Our solution, which runs on SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server, is now integrated with SAT's PeopleSoft CRM and HR systems as well as more than 40 legacy applications built on Java and C+. The agency also plans to leverage our solution to integrate a cloud-based application for electronic invoicing.

SAT now has a system in place that provides taxpayers the ability to complete their tax-related transactions online and check the status of their tax return via an online portal. All access requests are synchronized against a single authentication directory based on PeopleSoft CRM and PeopleSoft HR, providing added convenience for taxpayers and ease of administration for IT staff. Once a user is authenticated, they gain access to an online portal for managing tax transactions.

In addition, our solution provides sophisticated security monitoring to quickly identify and prevent security breaches. "The Compliance Management Platform plays a crucial role in mitigating risk," said Ivanov. "With the ability to monitor security activities in real time, we have far greater control over our environment."

SAT has also found that SUSE Linux Enterprise Server proved to be a more stable solution than UNIX. "We're big fans of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server," said Ivanov. "We've been able to grow to millions of users without changing our architecture. It's a very reliable, open system."

Consulting Services has played a key role in the project. "Our Novell consultants and support staff have been a tremendous help throughout the design and deployment of the Compliance Management Platform," said Ivanov. "The team continues to add value today through its day-to-day management of the solution, as well as the integration of additional applications and rollout of functionality."


The Compliance Management Platform now manages the identities of Mexico's 9 million taxpayers. By providing taxpayers with secure Web access to perform online transactions and the ability to monitor their activity, SAT has been able to effectively bring its federal tax collection and investigation systems online.

"The Compliance Management Platform gives us a great deal of intelligence about taxpayers so that we can ensure the security and integrity of our data," said Ivanov.

The Solution has also provided a positive experience to taxpayers while alleviating a tremendous administrative burden for SAT's IT staff. "Taxpayers now have an easy to use system that also provides us much greater control over identity and access management," said Ivanov.

"The Compliance Management Platform has already paid for itself in the savings it's provided us," said Ivanov. "It has significantly reduced operating costs required for password management and other administrative functions."

Novell has proven to be a strong partner for SAT. "Many companies provide strong products," said Ivanov. "Novell delivers the solutions we need, along with exceptional client service. That makes all the difference."

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