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Sony Italia

Sony Italia chose Sentinel Log Manager as the most cost-effective way to comply with stringent new legislation in Italy ensuring data privacy.

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About Sony Italia

Sony Corporation is one of the world's leading electronics companies, producing a vast array of advanced Consumer and Professional technologies across computing, audio-visual devices, semiconductors and electronic components. The corporation operates on a global basis, employing approximately 147,000 people in total. Sony Italia, headquartered in Milan, employs approximately 250 people.


In the wake of several high-profile incidents involving the mis-use of personal data throughout Europe, the Italian government passed new legislation aimed at regulating the corporate use of personal data. Under the new legislation, organisations are required to keep a complete record of all interactions with computer systems that contain certain types of data on employees, customers, suppliers and so on. Typically, the requirement is to monitor not only business users who might access such data as part of their job function but also systems administrators and database managers.

Sony Italia was required to show a record of logins and logouts to all relevant systems, as well as a record of failed logins, both from internal and external sources. There was an absolute deadline for compliance with the new legal requirements, and Sony Italia needed a solution that it could deploy quickly and easily. Equally important was finding a solution with low costs for acquisition and ongoing management.


After considering a number of options, Sony Italia selected Sentinel™ Log Manager, an advanced log management solution offering one-click reporting.

"We chose Sentinel Log Manager for several reasons: the low cost of acquisition, relative simplicity, ease-of-use, and the scalability and flexibility of deployment and management," said Paolo Barna, Manager, Operations & Security Systems at Sony Italia. "Companies offering hardware-based solutions were quoting high costs in installation and maintenance, and we would also have needed to pay ongoing software licensing fees. With the Sentinel solution, there was no need for any additional hardware—all we needed to do was install a virtual Linux appliance."

Sentinel Log Manager is available as a ready-to-install software appliance, built with SUSE Studio™ and running on a SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server virtual machine. Companies can choose to install the appliance directly onto an existing x86 server, or run it as a virtual machine on VMware or Xen.

Sony Italia worked with its regular Partner H4T to deploy the new solution, which took just one week from start to finish.

"The speed and efficiency of H4T in implementing Sentinel Log Manager was highly impressive," said Barna. "We really wanted to have a smooth implementation process that wouldn't distract us from core business issues. H4T took care of everything, and did an excellent job as usual."

"Our strong relationship with Sony Italia enabled us to deploy the new Solution rapidly and with minimal impact on the business," said Jan Kalcic, Consultant at H4T.

Sony Italia is using Sentinel Log Manager to monitor multiple heterogeneous servers, running a mixture of UNIX, Sun Solaris, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Windows Server 2003. It also monitors a variety of Cisco routers and switches, pulling all relevant data into a single database for easy reporting.


Sentinel Log Manager has given Sony Italia a single powerful tool for monitoring activities to all the different types of servers and routers on its network. The solution enables the company to comply with the new Italian privacy legislation with minimal effort.

"Sentinel is extremely fast, easily logging around 750 events per second," said Barna. "The amount of data gathered is significant, and doing this exercise manually would occupy a large amount of time—not least because we'd need to have separate processes for each different operating system we run. Sentinel Log Manager eliminates the complexity related to monitoring multiple disparate systems, giving us a very fast and simple way to meet our legal obligations."

With the new logging solution in place, Sony Italia can rapidly create new custom reports to meet the requirements of any internal or external audits, and can be confident that it is in complete compliance with the new privacy legislation.

"We know that the solution is scalable and customisable as our needs change," said Barna. "We currently use Sentinel Log Manager simply to meet our legal requirements, but if we ever need to log other types of activity, there will be no need to upgrade or change the solution. Also, we can easily add new servers into the monitoring regime as we add them to our network."

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