To overcome costly administrative processes and enhance security, the Escondido Union High School District (EUHSD) deployed Novell® Storage Manager and Novell Identity Manager. The Novell solution enables them to automate user provisioning and provide users with immediate access to storage and network resources.

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AboutEscondido Union High School District

EUHSD educates more than 8,100 students enrolled at three comprehensive high schools and one continuation school. The district is also opening a magnet school in the Fall of 2013.


As with many government agencies and school districts in California, EUHSD is working to bring the best technology to its students and faculty amidst shrinking budgets. “We were looking to solve numerous security and administrative challenges,” said Kasey Segraves, information systems supervisor for Escondido Union High School District. “Allocating network access and storage to our students and faculty took two weeks at the start of each semester.

We also had no control over how much storage space each student was using. Our library technicians were spending too much time manually administering accounts rather than helping students effectively use the library system.”

Additionally, EUHSD needed to comply with federal security regulations. “As part of the Child Internet Protection Act, we need content filtering capabilities to prevent students from accessing inappropriate material online,” said Segraves. “However, we had no way to differentiate between student and faculty accounts to accomplish this.”

Novell's Solution

The school district found Novell Storage Manager and Novell Identity Manager ideal for their environment. “The ease of use of Novell Storage Manager really made an impression,” said Segraves. “I downloaded the evaluation version of Novell Storage Manager and was up and running in less than a day. That’s what sold us on it. The fact that Novell Storage Manager supports multiple platforms was also a factor, as we didn’t want to get painted into a corner with a proprietary solution.”

Using Novell Storage Manager, technicians easily assign students access to group storage that serves as collaboration space where students and teachers can share class materials, homework and more.

In addition, EUHSD can allocate storage based on individual roles. “Students on the yearbook committee need more storage space for photos and other materials,” said Segraves. “With Novell Storage Manager, the sports photographer can post photos in a central place where the sports editor can quickly access them."

The school district also manages more than 8,100 student identities with Novell Identity Manager. Information is fed from the student information system into Novell Identity Manager, which automatically creates accounts for new students, transfers storage and network access for students who’ve moved from one school to another and deprovisions accounts for departing students.

LANSolutions, a Novell Partner, created an application for EUHSD that allows students to scan their physical identity cards to check out library books and gain network access. “LANSolutions has been fantastic to work with,” said Segraves. “They’re very supportive. The Novell identity and storage management solution, combined with the application LANSolutions provided, has increased our librarians’ efficiency, allowing for more time for direct library duties and service to students,” said Segraves.


Novell Storage Manager and Novell Identity Manager have significantly reduced the time required to provision user accounts and allocate storage and network resources to students and faculty. “Before deploying the Novell solution, it took two weeks to provide new students with network and storage access,” said Segraves. “Now, as soon as a student is registered, Novell Identity Manager and Novell Storage Manager recognize them and students receive access within 24 hours, so they can hit the ground running. Password resets also occur much faster. In the past, if a student lost their password, they couldn’t access our network for a day or two. Now, passwords can be reset almost instantaneously.”

The Novell solutions have also significantly reduced the time library technicians have to spend on user administration and password resets. “Our technicians are ecstatic with the Novell solution,” said Segraves. “All they have to do is scan a student’s identification card and they can immediately begin showing incoming students how to make the most of our network resources.” Novell Identity Manager also enables the school district to distinguish student and faculty accounts, so they can effectively filter Internet content for students in compliance with the Child Internet Protection Act.

Next, EUHSD plans to extend its use of Novell Identity Manager to integrate additional applications such as its cafeteria purchasing system, as well as automate the provisioning of faculty and staff accounts. “Streamlining the provisioning of student accounts was a huge win for us,” said Segraves. “Based on this success, we’re extending the use of Novell solutions in a number of ways. For example, we plan to use Novell Identity Manager to prevent security holes when substitute teachers require network access. Instead of giving the substitute the primary teacher’s password, we will create individual accounts for substitutes, and then deprovision those as soon as their work is completed. Eliminating the need for shared accounts is important for determining exactly who has accessed what information.”

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School district north of San Diego, California




United States


Novell Identity Manager

Storage Manager


  • Eliminated weeks of time manually provisioning thousands of user accounts each semester
  • Shortened the amount of time required for password resets from one to two days to minutes
  • Gained ability to comply with federal security regulations such as the Child Internet Protection Act

"The Novell identity and storage management solution, combined with the application LANSolutions provided, has increased our librarians’ efficiency, allowing for more time for direct library duties and service to students."

Kasey Segraves
Information Systems Supervisor
Escondido Union High School District

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